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Erythrema multiforme

hey ladies! Anyone have experience with the rash erythrema multiforme? We got this diagnosis Monday. Poor boy is just a mess! 

Re: Erythrema multiforme

  • Oh no poor baby. Did he have an allergic reaction to something? My nephew has severe eczema all over his body that kinda looks like this but Ive never heard of this condition before. sending  t&p for LO hope he feels better soon 
    DS 8/13/15 
    Blessed  <3o:)
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  • Thank you! He isn't allergic to anything that I know of, but he did try almond milk the day before this all started. So we will definitely be doing some allergy testing! 
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  • I don't have any experience with THAT rash, but just wanted wish LO a speedy recovery! Hope the little sweetie feels better soon! 

    I've dealt with HFMD, and Roseola with DD and recall it really not affecting her too much, maybe just a little more tired with a slight fever? Didn't really slow her roll any, just looked a bit unsightly. Slather him up with whatever cream your pedi recommends and let him do his thing :)
  • I would get a second opinion, when you google images of that, they look much different.  I hope he is better soon!

  • Poor baby! I'll be praying for him, I second on the second opinion
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