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breastfeeding toddler after miscarrage.

So I just found out I am going to lose our second baby at 8 weeks and I am still nursimg my 19 month old. Does anyone have experience with this. I'm scared im going to dry up I don't think I could handle him stopping now its comforting at a time like this would it be wise to have a d&c so its quick or go naturally. I'm worries if I take the natural route it will cause more emotional stress and making nursimg difficult. It also very important to me to keep bfing.him I had him at 31 weeks and would have loved to keep this going until he was two for the benefits. So sorry for everyone's losses and experience or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: breastfeeding toddler after miscarrage.

  • I'm so glad you posted this. I hope that you continued to nurse your baby. I nursed my dd through my misscarrge and into my next successful pregancy which occurred 3month later. It was such an unbelievable comfort to have that connection and to know that I could still sustain a life dispite my currant loss. Your a brave mom!
  • Hi ! I just randomly checked back in here this board seems pretty dead and realized I had a response! Everything thankfully worked out I ended up miscarrying naturally and ds continued to nurse, actually he started nursing extra I think he sensed I need more comfort. Its so crazy that we think we nurse our babies to comfort that but in hindsight it actually comfort us ! Im emotionally recoverying now and hoping to try again after my next cycle and hopefully still be nursing my tot! So sorry for your previous loss and congrats on your new little one!
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