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2nd Trimester

It's a GIRL!!! ♡

Welcoming my daughter, Dakota-Rose Heavenleigh into the world this December. Mommy loves you already,  D. ♡♡

Re: It's a GIRL!!! ♡

  • Congratulations!!!
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  • Hahahaha no.  You're so immature for a "mom"
  • I think you need to think about the name, it's just horrible. And I didn't find out till I was 21 weeks what I was having and I'm actually having twins, it is possible to find out earlier but I'd wait to buy some girl stuff.
  • Neikoda said:
    And being sure you're having twins because of your dreams isn't? 
    Pretty sure I had dreams I was having A boy, and come to find out I'm having twins, then later found out I was wrong about the gender. So I don't see how she thought her dreams actually meant something!! Lol
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