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Still waking for a night feeding, almost 9 months?

Anybody else still getting awakened by their little lovelies in the middle of the night for a feeding?
Little Bubs usually wakes up around 12:30-2:30 and wants to eat. We try to get him back to bed without, but it doesn't work and he ends up sucking down a full 7oz which is more than he eats during the rest of his feedings. I top him off before bed around 8-830 but he's still waking up. The doctor swears to me he should be able to go for at least 10 hours without eating if hes getting over 20oz during the day, but I can't break him of it. 
I think part of the problem is he's not eating enough during the day, some days he crushes 4, 6oz bottles, other times he's taking 2 here, 4 there and that's all, but its always over 20oz. He's seriously the busiest baby I've ever met, even day care is like 'Little man has better things to do than finish that bottle he cried for".

For awhile I was waking him around 11-11:30 and topping him off again, sometimes that would keep him through the night, but about 60% of the time it wouldn't and sometimes i'd make a 6 oz bottle and he'd only eat an oz, so i gave that up. 

Any other suggestions?

Re: Still waking for a night feeding, almost 9 months?

  • My first child stopped waking at 7 months and my second child stopped around 9 months. I figured my kids would let me know when they didn't need that MOTN bottle anymore and they did.

    There's not really an answer to this because you can't force a baby to drink enough ounces during the day. All you can do is offer the bottles and hope for the best. Keep feeding in the night if he needs it and hope he grows out of it soon!

  • I'm with you!  My LO still wakes once for a bottle and sucks it down.  Occasionally he wakes twice for a bottle but that is rare.   It's a far cry from the waking every hour he did about two months ago so I'll take it! Lol
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  • My 8 month old was sleeping through the night for a couple months. Then the past couple weeks has been up at least 1-2x a night sometimes 3 ugh. So tired! 
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    Baby boy will be 9 months tomorrow. He was waking 2 times each night for a bottle until this past Sunday.  I felt he ate enough during the day and was big enough to sleep most of the night without feeding and we stopped giving him a bottle if he gets up before 5a (bedtime is 8p). If he wakes, he gets a diaper change and i make sure he has his pacifier and blanket then leave the room. He might  fuss for 5-10 minutes then puts himself back to sleep. Last night was night #4 and it's been successful for the most part. The best sleep I've had in almost a year.  Good luck to you!
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  • My first would wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding, but it was just out of habit not because he needed the food.  And since I was offering him the food each night he would take it.  I eventually had to wean him from the feedings.  I would only let him nurse from one side for about a week, and then I let him CIO after that.  The CIO only lasted two nights.  He has slept through the night ever since--he's 2 1/2 now.
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