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Baby sits up in crib

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My little one is a few days from being 10 months old and he is learning new things every day. He's usually a very good sleeper, but lately he has started sitting up either a couple hours after I lay him down or really early in the morning. It's almost like a sleep sitting up because he cries when he does it. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to lay himself back down so I have to go in there and lay him down, and then he cries because he wants me to hold him.  Anyone know how to teach your baby to lay back down or any suggestions so this doesn't become a habit?

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  • SmrBrd2012SmrBrd2012
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    I don't think it will become a habit. He just needs to get used to his new ability. It's probably just a phase and he'll be moving onto the next thing soon! I would think that he should know or at least learn soon that he can lay back down once he sits up. Could it be he is just fighting sleep? You could try letting him fuss for a little while until he figures it out on his own. Does he usually sleep well otherwise?

  • He does sleep well otherwise--2 good naps a day and at least 9 hours a night. When he does sit up I try to let him fuss for a bit before I go lay him back down. He's my strong willed child so he will cry it out until he gets what he wants ;)
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  • Vik9Vik9
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    My son has been doing the same thing! His eyes are still closed but eventually he starts crying and I have to give him a bottle to put him back to sleep
  • I go in and hold for a few then put back down. I don't feed anymore bc it def creates a habit for hr to wake up. 
  • He doesn't know how to lay back down? Are you sure?

    By the time you figure this out the phase will have passed. I would just go in and lay him back down and leave again.

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