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hysteroscopy and elevated tsh and prolactin

So it seems like we have been hitting every roadblock possible at this point. We were supposed to start this cycle September 1st, but I just had my pre-op bloodwork come back with elevated tsh and prolactin levels. I'm having surgery on thursday to remove some polyps that were found during my etegrity and receptivity biopsies...

So basically this cycle is off, I had a re blood draw this morning and am on a low dose of levothyroxine, to see if my tsh levels will come down. Wondering if any one has had similar experiences... Just kinda frusterated at this point.
Me: 34 / Hubs: 35
Married December 2008
TTC: 2010
3 ectopic pregnancies, moved on to IVF 2011
3 rounds of IVF, 1 miscarraige, two BFN
Started with new RE Fall 2015
Diagnosed Compound Hetero MTHFR
Hysteroscopy to remove abrasions 
Began Stims for IVF #4 10/11/16
Long Lupron protocol
ER 10/23/16 6R, 5M all 5 fertilized via ICSI
ET 10/28/16 Transferred 2 5bb blasts; 2 frosties! BFP!
Twins! EDD 6/25/17

Re: hysteroscopy and elevated tsh and prolactin

  • I'm in the same boat - stuck and frustrated. I was planning to have my first IUI this month but they found something on the ultrasound that they want to look at, remove, and biopsy. So I'm stuck waiting for AF so I can schedule the hysteroscopy. This means I probably won't get to try even in September. It's such a bummer. I don't have any advice, just know that you aren't alone!
    Charlotte, NC
  • I have elevated prolactin.  I take dostinex 2x a week and it's been normal for quite a while. 

    me:41 dh:42
    me:PCOS, blocked left fallopian tube, hyperprolactinemia  (dh's swimmers are perfect/normal)
    Tried 3 rounds of clomid with Ovidrel trigger (BFNs)
    May/June 2016 IVF   6/1 ER 7 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized via ICSI  6 embryos made it to blasts.
    6/6 2 AA embryos transfered, 4 BBs frozen
    Beta 6/18  -- BFN
    FET #1 August 22 BFN
    Dec 2016/Jan 2017 Round 2 was a bust. 6 eggs, Only 1 embryo made it, no transfer
    FET #2 cancelled 10/17 due to uterine polyps. Postponed until 9/2018 due to hip replacement.

    FET #3 9/11/18 Uterine scratch and antihistamine protocol/lovenox done this time. 2 AA hatching blasts put in.  BFP 9/20/18!! 

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  • I have high prolactin. Surprisingly, that was one of the first things my OBGYN tested me for and then had an MRI to see if there was a tumor on my pituitary gland (there wasn't). I have been on bromocriptine daily for about 1.5 years and it's been normal ever since.
  • I was diagnosed with elevated prolactin and anovulatory cycles. Once I started bromocriptine my cycles became more regular and I started ovulating. I have been off it for almost a year and I have had 2 anovulatory cycles and 3 longer cycles. Will be going back to my gynecologist for new bloodwork and hopefully going back on the meds again. 

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