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Postpartum Depression

Question about this board specifically

I know this board is for postpartum depression, however there are many perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. Is there a board for all of them? Or is everyone welcome on this one? I don't suffer from postpartum depression, however I do have postpartum OCD. I would love to have a place to talk to other mommas dealing with postpartum mood disorders as a whole! 
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Re: Question about this board specifically

  • Hi! I think that any woman who has or is suffering from a PP mood disorder of any sort would understand the need for support. I say talk about whatever mental struggles that you are having. What's going on with your OCD? How many months PP are you? 

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  • Thanks! My son is 14 months, but my OCD started developing towards the end of my pregnancy with him and continued after he was born. I was really slow to get help because I didn't recognize it as PP (niether did my OB as we were both only looking for signs of depression). I figured it was just the hormones and my anxieties would go away on their own. But they didn't and got worse and worse. My OCD stems from wanting to protect my son from harmful things I can't see or control (so germs). So like I can't handle even looking at raw meat, the idea of touching a trash can is terrifying, and walking near anything with bird poop on it is also triggers me. Pretty much anything that seems gross or germy is a trigger. I have improved in some areas though. The idea of public restrooms scared me so much for a while, but I have mostly worked through that one. I have been in therapy over the last month and still working on things. Currently we are trying hypnotherapy so we shall see how that goes. I'm also on Zoloft to try to help control the anxiety. I have an appt on the 18th with a psychiatrist to re-evaluate if the meds are working or if we need to try a different one. Good news is according to my therapist, since this is postpartum and I didn't have OCD before my pregnancy, she said that it's only temporary and is confident that I'll make a full recovery and get my old self back. Which the old me was NEVER a germaphobe. I can't wait tone better! It sure gets old feeling the uncontrollable urge to wash my hands like a mad woman and/or shower everytime something triggers me. My skin hates me! My OCD has been really hard on my husband, it's definitely been putting our marriage to the test at times (he's been trying really hard to be patient and supportive but it just gets hard sometimes). Plus I want to give my son a sibling on the sooner side rather than later, but that all depends on my recovery. It's definitely a process but I am hopeful!

    I would love to hear stories about what's going on with other mommas! While I wouldn't wish any of the postpartum mood disorders on anyone, it's also nice knowing I'm not alone in this journey. Hoping to help give support to others as well because sometimes it just gets hard and it's nice to talk to someone who gets it, even if it's not the exact same scenario.
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  • Hi Momma! Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad that you are seeking support for and representing other PP mood disorders. I experienced much anxiety following my son's birth. It is quite a bit better for me now, at 10 mo PP, but I am concerned about the potential return if we have another, which we would like to do in the near future.

    It is great that you have made so much progress, are actively seeking tools to help, and have found things that work!
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