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STM+ How long did you wait to get pregnant again after a csection?!

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Pretty much what the title says lol. How long after your csection did you wait to get/ got pregnant with your next child? Would you have waited longer? Thanks!

Re: STM+ How long did you wait to get pregnant again after a csection?!

  • 3 years... The second one was a surprise. I don't feel one way or another about waiting or not. It didn't effect me one way or another in regards to having had a c section though.
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  • I was pregnant again when DS1 was 3.5 yrs old. He was 4 when baby was born. So far I'm loving the age difference. Yes they won't be the best of playmates as they age but DS1 listens, can sing and play with the baby to distract him when he's upset, can get himself water and snacks and will even get me water!

    I did have a VBAC and if you want to try that they recommend waiting longer inbetween kiddos if you can. VBAC also helps decrease the risk of complications if you want more kids (3+).
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  • Dirty lurker********************************** I will have 16-17 months between births. The mayo clinic recommends at least 15 months between births. I am currently cleared to try to vbac and see how it goes. I recommend talking to your OB in depth about their recommendations. My OB from the CS said I had to wait 2 years between birth and TTC, so I shopped around and found a different practice that used the Mayo Clinic and current research.

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  • 8 years between c sections. My answer probably isn't any help. 
  • Thanks ladies! 
  • I had a section and would love to have an age difference of 18 months.
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