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Baby drooling, not sleeping, or eating.

My baby has started drooling like crazy, sucking her hands, fighting me on her bottles so not eating as much and not sleeping as much. Is anyone else going through this? I don't know how to help her.  :/ 

Re: Baby drooling, not sleeping, or eating.

  • You explained my life. This happened all last week! My lo is 12 weeks and I deffinitely think he's starting to teethe! I found if the nipple was ice cold he would take the bottle. But when he got really worked up my husband could get him to suck on a cool wet face cloth. 
    I also got out the teetheing rings I got at my shower and he munched away. 
    Not sure if your baby is actually teething, but the drooling and fussiness was my key. 
    Also distraction! A walk around the yard a couple times seemed to make him forget he was in pain! 
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  • Going through that now too.  Been going through it a while now. They say that the symptoms can last months before teeth show up.  My LO is a little drool monster now a days.  She won't touch a teething ring though.  She likes to chew on her hands and bib.  So I bought a teething bib tonight.  Going to see how that goes.

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  • Thank you so much I will try the nipples in the freezer! My lo is 12 weeks too so maybe it's just that time to start teething. I think it is teething she doesn't have any other symptoms and all the ones she does can be explained as teething. 
  • My DS has started drooling quote a bit but I've been wondering if teething might be around the corner. I didn't get any teeth until I was 9mo, so it feels so early, but really I was a late teether...
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  • same here...she's been drooling and chewing on her hands for weeks and poor thing is only 10 weeks old.  Like @nerdymama15 my LO likes chewing on cloth - she's been chewing on her burp clothes, blanket, my sheets - makes her happy so we let her do it and just do more laundry than usual.  We keep Vaseline handy for those chapped lips and chin from all the drool.
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  • My daughter is 17 weeks and has been sucking on everything and drooling since 13 weeks. Now her shirt will be covered in drool, she's constantly fighting me when I feed her, she's been eating less than normal, and bedtime has become a real hassle. I feel so bad for her because she's generally not a fussy baby. Maybe it's time to break out the teething toys.
  • Has your pediatrician ruled out thrush?
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