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Weaning and water

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hi, my boy is 7m old and has started weaning along with drinking formula. He still refuses to drink any water whether it's from a bottle or a beaker. He hates the stuff. I've tried diluting baby juice in it too but he still dislikes it. Should I be concerned yet? (Uk based) 

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  • US here. My pediatrician said not to give my LO water until one year when she can drink whole milk. I know lots of mama's here give there kids water now though with no problems. Hopefully they'll chime in with some tips! If you are worried, talk to your pedi. :) 
  • As per PP water isn't really necessary for the first year, but it's good to get them use to it. Have you tried sippy cups sometimes those are fun. 
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  • I give tiny sips of a water from a cup only when she eats. In Canada they suggest an open cup, not a sippy cup, so I've been doing that and She seems okay with it, I'm really just doing it to help with eating/pooping haha. 
  • US here. My son was hard to get to drink water. We just kept trying it in different cups and from different sources. He still doesn't always drink it but he does better with bottled than filtered tap.

    Now with DD she just refuses anything in a bottle so we do sippy cups and she just gets water with solids to rinse her mouth.
  • Wow my pedi tells me I can give my baby who is 7 months now 6 oz of water daily! Idk if you remember back when they were 4 months, she was telling me 2 oz daily and I asked if anyone else was doing it. I think it's crazy but relatives think I'm crazy for not giving him any. I do put and oz or 2 in a sippy and let him have him every day but he has yet to learn how to drink from it. Until he's a year, I am not concerned. 
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll preservers and if he refuses, he still has his milk as fluids. It's been so hot here, I've been so paranoid about it haha! New mum problems hey! X
  • He will get his water from the milk, I wouldn't worry about that unless he refuses his bottles :) water at meals is for practice mainly! 
  • Try coconut water. 
  • Canada here. LO loves his sippy cup, even though he barely gets anything from it, it's just a fun activity for him after a meal. I give him sips of my own water if he sweats a lot and is refusing formula. He's sick right now and drinking pedialyte most of the day as well. Ask your doctor if it's extremely hot where you are, if a bit of pedialyte is okay!
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