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June 2016 Moms


My first was also a June baby and i hid her from the sun and outdoors. This time around id rather do research and read opinions . I'd like to be able to bring him to the zoo and places like that but it gets way too hot in the baby carrier or in the stroller all covered up. What do all of you do?

Re: Sunscreen?

  • We were told no sunscreen until 6 months old.  Until then, keep them shaded and covered up to protect their skin.  

  • I use the Jolly Jumper SolarSafe net on our stroller. It provides UV protection from the sun but allows tons of airflow, and my baby can see what's around. It also keeps the bugs at bay, plus I can see him. I love it! Oh and it fits over his pack-n-play...should I ever want to move it outdoors.
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