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Baby plan and IUD question

I am just curious how much planning ahead of time you all have done or are doing. Other than talking with your SO (if you have one) what plans have you decided on? 

I just started looking into everything but I would like to have a decision ahead of time in regards to where I want to give birth and how. I already know that other than staff I want just my H in the room with me. (Neither of our mother's because they would stress me out. They already do). I know I want him to cut the cord, and I know I want immediate skin to skin contact for as long as I can/first feeding.

As for my IUD question: any ladies on her have/had the IUD? How quickly/easily did things regulate to try to get pregnant? Was it painful to get removed?

Re: Baby plan and IUD question

  • @EEL0824: hello there!

    I have the Mirena IUD (on my second one). We are not TTC yet, however, I can tell you removal doesn't typically hurt. But be prepared for the possibility of substantial bleeding for a week or two. My OBGYN told me 4-6 weeks to clear out the system of hormones, but you can technically get pregnant right away. 
  • I had the Mirena as well. I had mine taken out last November for other reasons, but have been TTA since then. My doc told me to wait a full cycle before TTC if possible, since he wanted the lining of my uterus to rebuild. My periods regulated within about 2-3 months, but I'm fairly certain I was ovulating in those months, just not as regular as I am now. 
    As far as removal... It's unclear from your post if you have one already, but I'm going to assume you do. Taking it out hurt WAY less than putting it in. Small pinch and some light bleeding. My first period came about 3 weeks later and was probably the heaviest period I've EVER had. Potential TMI but a super plus tampon and some leakage every hour or so... Ugh. They lightened up over the months and may be lighter than I was pre-BC (That was 10-12 years ago, so I can't really remember). 
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  • Thank you for your response! I do have my IUD right now (since last April I believe) and will be getting it out next Thursday. I had a really unusual cycle before the IUD anyways so I am not sure how it will be once it is out. I got started on BC pretty young so I have never been normal. I appreciate the heads up on what I may be dealing with here soon :)

    My husband and I decided to NP/NT for the time being because we are both fine if it happened now but don't want to stress out about it right now.

  • Thank you!

  • We are about 6 weeks out from TTC. I currently have my Mirena in which is due to come out at the end of September. Some of what I have done so far is of course talk to hubby, but I have reached out to some local midwives. This will be baby #4 for us and all of my children have been born in a hospital but after the birth of my youngest and how amazing it was, I want to try a home birth for any future children. I have also started looking into ways to increase our chance for a bfp as soon as possible. IDK if having Mirena removed hurts seeing as how this is my first time using it, but I certainly hope not. lol. I've read that TTC right after IUD removal may not be the best option because you want to give your body a chance to recoup. I'm going to start doing all of the tracking I can as soon as I can after it's removed so I can know when the best time for us to try would be. 
    Me (32) Hubby (32)
    DS (13) DD (10) DD (6) TTC #4
  • Got my IUD out beginning of the month and two weeks later still waiting for AF to arrive so not sure on the regular thing - was hoping to find answers here :) However, it did not hurt.

    Me: 29 DH: 35

    Married: 9/29/12

    DS #1: 3/8/15

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