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Solids and when

hi mommas,

when do you all plan to start solids and what age? Or have you already? 

What are you trying first? cereal, fruits, veggies?

my LO turns 4 months on the 23rd and I'm wondering when to try. 

Re: Solids and when

  • You should have a 4 month appt scheduled with LO's doctor. At that appointment, the doctor should review your child's readiness to start solids. My understanding is that most children are ready at some time between 4-6 months.

    I wouldn't try any until you get the green light from your child's doctor. The doctor can also advise which solids to try first. Grains and certain fruits/veggies can cause constipation, especially when LO first starts solids. In particular, I'd avoid cereals, potatoes, and bananas early on.
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  • I too was going to wait until her 4 month appointment (she will be 3 months on Friday, so I have some time) to see what the pedi says.  But I have been checking out this website ( since I plan on making my own food.  I thought about starting with sweet potatoes, squash, avocado and maybe oatmeal. 
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  • I honestly don't understand why this 4 month idea is still kicking around. Pretty much every medical and health association says nothing but Breastmilk or formula until 6 months. I know some pediatricians say you can start earlier, but I don't know why based on the research I've done. (I'm also not looking forward to gross poop >.<)

    Now if he is so eager he literally grabs food off a plate and starts chowing down successfully on his own I'll reconsider, but otherwise I'm waiting until at least 6 months. I will likely do a mixture of baby led weaning and some purées, so he can try a variety of tastes and textures.
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  • My baby is there months and starting to show interest when were eating...but in definitely waiting til 4 month appt. To nephew was so big he couldn't be satisfied with just formula lol...
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