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Potty Training Twins

My boys are 2yrs 7 months and showing all the typical signs of potty training. However, this is my first go around at this entire thing and I'm very apprehensive and naive on the best way to go about it, especially with two at the same time! We have a training toilet and a seat that fits on the large toilet and the boys are very open to sitting on both. We've done all the "prerequisites" (having them observe my husband and I when we use the bathroom, read books, not pushing them to use it, bought underwear, etc.) I am a teacher and on summer break so I can actively pursue a non-diaper life! Yahoooo! How do I begin to do this continuously? I feel clueless even after reading up on it!

Re: Potty Training Twins

  • Oh my gosh I feel like I could have written this! My twins are almost 2 and they are showing all of the signs (hiding to poo and holding it during naps, etc) but what now?! I actually went shopping today and let them pick out their very own underwear. They were so excited when we came home and put them on right away and then I had the worst hour of messes/tantrums ever! I think they were more excited than I was to put their diapers back on. I felt so discouraged, I put their potties away and decided to take a break from it. I really hope I didn't mess something up by trying. My mom has told me over and over that "once you switch, don't go back to diapers -  ever - because it confuses them". I think that's probably right so I am hoping they forget all about my dumb idea today.

    There are tons of books out there but I don't think you necessarily have to do both at the same time if that's what you're worried about. I actually think my daughter will be fully trained before my son because he just isn't as into it yet. With all of the other "stages", I did a lot of talking about it beforehand: "Okay, tomorrow no more bottles." "This is our last night with our bunnies." Things like that... I think if you just buy one last box of diapers and say "when all of these run out, we are switching to underwear! Aren't you excited?! You're going to be such a big kid! Grandma/Aunt/Person will be so proud of you!!!...." Then go for it! Don't look back and don't feel like a mess or an accident is a failure. It's all learning. You can do this, mama!! Good luck! 
  • This is my life! I have been working on it with my 2 1/2 yr old ID girls this week. One is ready, one is semi ready. Unfortunately the semi ready one is just a giant distraction for the ready one : (
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