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2nd Trimester

Baby Kicks, Super Low... Anyone?

I am a FTM, 21weeks!!! (hurray!)

I just started to feel baby kicks like 5 days ago, I was overwhelmed, cause I was really looking forward to start showing and feeling baby and all that....

But Today, while working I felt something really weird, baby kicks, but super low, and by super low I mean, low low.... like someone kicking my crotch from the inside, which obviously freaked me out.

Is this normal? I would expect kicks to be on my belly not on my.... you know....

Has anyone of you ladies felt this at any time on your pregnancy life?

I am  seeing my Doc this Saturday (hopefully get to know baby's sex) and will definitely ask him about this 

Re: Baby Kicks, Super Low... Anyone?

  • Yes. 23 weeks here. Especially if I'm sitting. I've felt movement anywhere from where my bladder is, pubic hair line up to an inch or two past my belly button. Judging by my hour long ultrasound, it's actually his back, head or two feet bouncing off that area. 

    My last pregnancy I only felt these gentle swooshing movements like butterflies. Turns out my placenta is in the back this pregnancy which is why I feel everything. Probably the same for you.  
  • Actually I felt it while sitting, so your guess might be right.


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  • elldelelldel member
    If you're 21 weeks, your uterus is just about at your belly button, so you'll only feel baby in the lower half anyway. Baby is probably just feet down and happy as a clam in there. :smile: It was the same for me until around 32 weeks when mine flipped (34+4 currently) and now I feel him higher. 
  • klvklv member
    24 weeks here and if this baby was any lower, he would be waving at you right now.  He is directly on top of my cervix. Awesomeness
  • I was freaking out the first time it happened. It is normal. I didnt start feeling them regularly up higher until like week 32.  My friend and MIL never felt them so low but my mom did. My doctor said it qas perfectly normal. 
  • DD made it a regular habit to kick or headbutt my cervix. I jumped and screamed every time because as they get bigger, that sh*t hurts! Just remember, you aren't just feeling kicks. You're feeling punches too. So baby may be head down and you're feeling the hand/arm movements. Plus, your cervix is the opening of your uterus, so At 21 weeks, baby has from right above your belly button, down to your cervix to move around in. 

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  • tjljsctjljsc member
    Our little girl likes to sucker punch me in the gut. It's literally right at my bikini line and occasionally feels like a punch right to the cervix. At our 20 week ultrasound, she was head down and practicing either ninja style karate chops or cheerleader moves, so it's literally a punch to my gut. lol.  
  • I first felt mine while I was shopping so I was standing and she was really low. Almost felt like a vibration. I was 18 wks. At my 20 week appointment they told me this was normal since she wasn't a full pound yet and wasn't big enough to be felt very high. They said around 24 weeks she would move above
    my belly button. I started feeling her on the outside and higher around week 21 and dad can feel her now too. I'm almost 24 weeks now and she's getting higher for sure with her movement. 
  • Now I am 26 weeks, and I still have those super low kicks every once in a while... not as often as before
  • tygitygi member
    Yep. Literally sore today from a *constant* cervix kicking from my lil' dude.
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  • Yep. Our little ninja likes to sucker punch me in the cervix on the regular. I describe it as almost an involuntary kegel but harder. lol. She's slowly moving up and those are less frequent.
  • This thread is old but oh yes. LO is head-down and I feel a lot of his kicks right around my belly button (and have been having that since about week 16/17) but more recently (starting around week 18), he loves to sucker punch and headbutt my cervix, bladder, and possibly the most disconcerting of the three, my colon. Each one carries its own unique feeling but the cervix punch is like a straight up lightning crotch feeling. 
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