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Baby Name Poll.. anyone want to play?

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Wow.. it's been a long time since I've been on the board. Life/work got crazy but hopefully I'll be back more now that we are in the home stretch! (Or maybe everyone has moved to the FB group?)

Anyway, we are having the HARDEST time picking a girl name and it's starting to stress me out! Here are some of our current contenders if you'd like to play the baby name game.. I'd be interested to see what people think (especially since we aren't sharing IRL). 

Middle name will most likely be Elizabeth (family name). As you can see.. we'd love something unique but still simple and pretty.  
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Baby Name Poll.. anyone want to play? 96 votes

8% 8 votes
40% 39 votes
17% 17 votes
Emmeline (would prob call her Emme and Emmy)
22% 22 votes
8% 8 votes
Any other suggestions???
2% 2 votes

Re: Baby Name Poll.. anyone want to play?

  • Margot is my baby's middle name!
  • Aven and Maren don't sound like names to me. 
    Emmeline Elizabeth is seven syllables. Too much. 
    And Reece has always been a boy name to me. 
    Margot is cute :)
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  • #teammargot
  • @CopperBoom86 yeah Maren isn't my favorite... and totally agree about middle name for Emmeline, we would change it for that name prob.

    Aven is a flower and also the English spelling of an old-school Gaelic name, Aoibheann :) Apparently it's in the bible too, but no clue about that. 
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  • Maybe spell Reece as Reese, like Reese Witherspoon? It looks like boyish I think.
  • I chose Margot, but I like Emmeline too if the middle name is changed. Emmeline Elizabeth is quite a mouthful! 
  • KarenBM13 said:
    Maybe spell Reece as Reese, like Reese Witherspoon? It looks like boyish I think.
    This. Reece is the male version. It's my son's, his dad's and his grandfather's middle name. Obviously I like it but I'd spell it Reese.  :)

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  • I really love Emmeline❤️ If this baby was a girl I was going to choose Adaline. I've never heard Emmeline before and I think it's beautiful & kind of similar to Adaline. I also think the nick name Emmy is adorable! 
  • I actually have a friend named Maren. I think its possibly a German name? 
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  • I can see why you are having a tough time picking, I had a tough time just voting! I went with Margot, I think it's so classic and beautiful but not over used. Maren was a realllly close second. 

    The only one I wouldn't have voted for is Aven, but it's just because I don't love the flow with Elizabeth. 

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  • I vote Reese. This is what I wanted to name our girl, but we are having a boy!
  • Emmeline is my favorite, but only if it was a different middle name. The only one I like with Elizabeth is Margot. Third choice is Reese (not Reece). Obvs not my baby and we just finally decided on our name, so you can totally ignore me if you like :).
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  • I love Margot, but would spell it Margeaux instead.

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  • Voting Emmeline because it's one of my top contenders! How would you pronounce it though? I really like the name Emmalyn and would pronounce Emmeline as that or as EmmaLEAN but some pronounce it EmmaLINE. I really love Emmy as a nickname though :)
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  • Margot Elizabeth is beautiful! 
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  • Thank you all so much for helping! It's soooo hard! 

    @ammiddleton3 I would pronounce it EmmaLINE. 
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