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  • @Trgree1712 I bet it was harder back then! I saw some pics on Pinterest when I was pregnant with DS and fell in love, so I knew that's what I wanted to do this time. And now, I see stuff EVERYWHERE! I have to stop myself from buying it all, lol. 
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  • @KimmySchmidt girl, those rooms are both amazing!! Love them!
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  • @sarahg8r actually I found it on clearance at Carters. It worked out because I was looking for something different and it felt perfect since we live in Florida. 
  • @Trgree1712 we are in FL, too...and DS has a nautical nursery! 
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  • Can you return or sell the first one @Megan324 and put money towards the new one? Do you have gift cards or anything to buy the new one? I never feel too guilty if I've got gift cards or store credit. ;-)
  • @rock1cherry I do have giftcards!
    :) :) I'm definitely going to buy it haha 
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  • @firsttimemomma417 I love that rustic wall! Did you guys do that yourself? DH and I actually want to do a shiplap wall in our living room behind our couch, but we haven't figured out how to do it yet :) 
  • @firsttimemomma417 I love the room! I'm very curious, how do you pronounce his name?
  • @SLou24 thanks! Yea we found some old barn wood and hubby did it! And I love the way shiplap looks! 

    @VeraMali thank you! We pronounce it ben-aye-uh, it's a biblical name that we just love. I've heard other people pronounce it ben-eye-uh, but we like the long A sound better.  
  • We are just about complete, but it will do for now. We have the essentials together! Can't wait to finally have her here. We are doing one more thing in the corner and making a book nook, but we'll get there. Enjoy! I've loved seeing everyone else's nurseries and all the diversity!
  • IKEA is a 2-3 hour drive from our house. We went about a month before I finding out if this was a boy or girl and settling on nursery decor. So we had no idea what color furniture to get. We decided to get some unpainted furniture. In retrospect it would have been easier to just make a future trip to IKEA. Here I am less than 3 weeks from my due date and I am still painting furniture. We finished the dresser a little over a week ago. We also have a low shelving unit that will be finished by Labor Day. What were we thinking with unpainted furniture!

    Then we bought some gorgeous curtains.  I went to hang them and the anchor screws went properly gripping the drywall because it is too soft. That means that now we have to investigate if we have any leaks that are causing the drywall to be soft. This nursery is never going to get finished!

  • @jellybiehn where did you get that mobile?! it's so cute! been on the hunt for a similar one! 
  • @firsttimemomma417 I found it at babies r us. Its from the Lolli Living line. I think I've seen it on amazon and wayfair too!
  • I originally was going to leave the baby's room the same as it was for my son, but I started having STM guilt about not doing anything special for this baby.  And I had the urge to redecorate.  My mom hand painted the lighthouse on the wall.  The spot where the light is on the light house is actually where the video monitor attaches to the wall so it kind of looks like the beacon :-).  We have been finished for a couple months but never got around to share.  I have since bought some new bedding and changing table cover but the rest is still the same.  Oh and there are doors and trim on the closets.  I love how it turned out.  Made me more excited about baby #2 coming.
  • Finally took pics of our Famingo themed nursery!
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