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Next App for Toddlers?

I am sad that The Bump doesn't continue following our little ones growth through toddlerhood! Or does it? Can anyone recommend a good app similar to this one? I will keep this for the discussion boards obviously but I am sad it's not just upgrading to the next stage like pregnancy to infant good did!

Also, is anyone else a little sad that the Bump App didn't offer a shutterfly or photo discount once our babes hit a year for the weekly pictures uploaded?!

Re: Next App for Toddlers?

  • I didn't know they offered a shutterfly coupon!!  :o I am so glad mamas have sticked around to our July moms group! I think the only app that I know that offers updates on growth is the wonder weeks app. 
  • Thanks @n3na94 ! And They didn't offer one I was just HOPEING they would lol!
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  • I was thinking the exact same thing! Haha I did notice that it does calculate the age though :) on mine it says 1 year 1 month 
  • I was wondering if there was a new app/board etc too??
  • Hi mamas! I wanted to share with you that today I got a 13 month developmental update from The Bump! I was so excited to see the email! Just wanted to let you mamas know! :blush: Have a great weekend! God bless! 
  • Oh fantastic! My babe doesn't turn 13 months for another week! So I guess it just goes monthly now, makes sense! @n3na94
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