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T&P please pink slips are coming

So I found out some information about my job the other day.  They are rebranding the entire company and discontinuing a few of the software products.and our department will be eliminated by the end of the this year (our dept only has 3 people in it to begin with).  On Thursday they laid off 1/3 of our company.  And another round of layoffs will be Thursday.  I'm  holding my breath and walking on eggshells.  My department's workload has been cut down significantly lately.  Losing my job would  basically create a clusterduck so to speak (replace the d with an f). 

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Re: T&P please pink slips are coming

  • I can definitely understand! A few years ago, my company announced they were closing my office and letting 2/3 of the staff go on the same day... Not a fun day! Since then, it seems like we go through at least one restructuring and round of layoffs annually.

    I've found that the people who are younger, more efficient, personable, and open minded are often kept on, simply being moved to another department.

    Depending on the size of your company, there should be significant assistance offered with helping those let go find a new job, as well as at least several months worth of pay. Since the scope of the layoffs are so significant, in a worst case scenario, you shouldn't be pinged by future employers for it- in some circumstances, local competitors may actually seek out those let go!

    Best of luck to you!
  • I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.  The stress of getting back into the work routine after maternity leave is hard enough, so I imagine the added stress of your job security must be nerve-wracking.  Since you know the odds are high that you could be laid off in the near future, now might be a good time to update your resume, get out to some networking events (maybe lunchtime ones if you don't have childcare available in the evenings), and browse some online job postings in your field to get a feel for what other opportunities are available.  Are there other areas of the company you could transition into, or is your skill set specific to your current position?  It might not hurt to speak to someone in HR or recruiting to see if there they are trying to fill other positions within the company that you are qualified for, even if they are in a different division than your current position.  Either way, try to stay positive, and be proactive about seeking out new opportunities before what sounds like the inevitable happens. Good luck!       
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