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What my Pregnant Self Is Eating 7/25


Re: What my Pregnant Self Is Eating 7/25

  • Tacos! And peaches. I usually eat chicken pretty much every day but all I want is red meat right now. And anything made from a potato. 
  • I want a BLT so so so so bad, but I gave up bacon for my pregnancy. (personal choice that I sometimes kick my butt over lol) I am staying away from anything nitrates so bacon had to go bye bye. I am seriously thinking of letting myself have a darn BLT...because there is nothing saying to cut it out all together (not in my books or per my Dr), I am just trying so darn hard to be on this healthy eating kick (FTM here and paranoid), and my husband is sometimes overbearing with the "what does that have in it? preservatives and nitrates? nope you can't eat that" so I may have to sneak a one in one of these days lol. Right now I could beat someone up for a BLT. I'm still eating mashed potatoes like nobodies business. They are just heavenly lol. And Tostinos pizza rolls which my husband was like "oh that isn't healthy" and I just glared at him like a hungry bear, so he will not say a word now lol. I appreciate him trying so hard to be helpful, just sometimes I am like just let me eat what I f-ing want! I haven't gained an unhealthy amount and my Dr said all is great, so I don't need to watch my food intake or anything. If it isn't anything on my DO NOT EAT list from the Dr....I should be able to have it once in a while if me and the baby really crave it. I actually helped out my FIL yesterday for the hubby and it was an all day affair and a royal pain in the ass...so hubby owes me...and I might just make him go get me the BLT after work TODAY. Seriously. Feed the mama bear (hehe)     
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  • Oh, and I don't want anyone to think the hubby is actually controlling me. I may have came across wrong. He just comments if something has unhealthy things in it and thinks it shouldn't be something I consume (and is more of a pest/nag than anything), but he is not physically taking food away from me or anything like that. I think I may have made it sound worse because I am having a craving fit and I just want BLT. It was on my own that I am trying to swear off unhealthy stuff and nitrates because the hubby and I are both paranoid about what I eat and the baby because I am a FTM and have no idea what to expect, and this is hubby's first baby too. But seeing so many ladies are eating bacon, perhaps I am being way too paranoid. Let this lady eat some bacon :)
  • @BlondePeanut - I was able to find nitrate/nitrite free bacon at my grocery.  It was with all the other bacons/sausages.  Mind you, I've had a couple of fast food breakfast sandwiches with bacon as well; but I try to keep the stuff I make at home as healthy as possible.
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  • @MLRocha - Thank you! I will have to look for that. I appreciate the help :) 

  • @BlondePeanut you can make tofu bacon! It's delicious and just look up the seasonings to soak it in. I had a few T(b)LTs and they are very satisfying just slice your extra firm tofu press it and bake the crap out of it!
  • @mjsommer - Thanks for the tip! I will check it out :)

  • @BlondePeanut Try applegate farms Sunday bacon... or pederson farms. No added nitrates, but all sorts of thick cut bacon goodness!
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  • Nutella with Animal Crackers and Thai food....

    Umm....when will the healthier cravings sneak back in...?

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  • Thanks again ladies! Hubby and I found some organic natural (nitrate/nitrite free) bacon yesterday, and I got my fix and some extra packages :) Woohoo! 
  • Last night I was determined to make tuna noodle casserole despite not having egg noodles or peas...  Lasagna noodles (broken up) and fresh green beans acted as stand-ins and I was SO happy.  I even have leftovers for lunch.

    Also, once I washed and cut the green beans, I just started shoving them in my face.  I actually had to go back and prep more by the time the pasta was cooked.  Fresh veggies tasting amazing again :)
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  • All the spaghetti on buttered bread. Told husband I like to load my buttered carbs with more buttered carbs but it has some tomato on it so it's still healthy. And it's so much easier to eat in sandwich form. I don't think he's convinced though.
    Also corn on the cob, with everything all the time. 
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