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3rd Trimester

Things to do w/ mom before baby arrives?

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Asking the second time moms...what are things you wish you did with your mom before you had kids?
I (think I do!) have a day or a few days and I wanna make sure I make the most of my one-on-one time with my mom! 

Re: Things to do w/ mom before baby arrives?

  • I'm not a STM, but I'm setting aside a day that my mom and I can go have lunch, get a pedicure, and run any last minute errands for things I need for either myself and my husband or for baby. We are also going to spend an afternoon prepping freezer meals (and stuff that she will have at her home to bring over as well). My mom was unable to have kids of her own, so I've tried to include her in all aspects of the pregnancy (minus conceiving.... hah), so I think I've done a fair amount up to this point. 

    I've asked the same question to some of my friends and family members who already have kids, and they've all said that the main thing they wish they did differently or did more was just pick their mothers' brain about the first few months of raising kids, and taking advantage of the help that was offered. My big sister added that she wished she got in those last "mommy snuggles" before she had my niece, since our mom is pretty much the best snuggle buddy ever :) 

    I know you asked for STM responses, so I apologize :) 

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  • Not a STM, but yesterday my mom and I went shopping, got pedicures, and ate Indian food. It was fun :)
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  • I'm a STM and never heard of/thought of this question. My mom and I are pretty close, but not best friends. I only worried about last things to do with DH or other stuff I couldn't easily do with a baby like staying out late. I guess asking more questions about what it was like with a newborn or how breastfeeding went for her.
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  • kimey1kimey1
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    Thanks ladies. I live half the world away from my mom (14hr flight) so this month or so we get to spend is precious, I want to make the most lf every second! Luckily we've packed in some heavy-duty shopping and girly dates while waiting for baby :)
  • Meal prep!!!!! A friends mom made us a few meals for the freezer and we used them up so quick.  I wish we filled our freezer with easy to heat up or crock pot meals.  There will be days when you can't remember if you showered. The last thing you will be thinking about is whats for dinner.  You and hubby still gotta eat.
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