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New to the marines

Hey :) so im a marine wife and im so excited for my husband to get his first duty statuon because hes been gone since January and we have had a total of 15 days together and 4 of those he got to see his daughter, i was just wondering what is the most common station hes most likely to go we wont know forsure for another 3 or so weeks i just wanted to get an idea

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  • It depends on what his job is, then it'll be which base needs him the most
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  • There is no way for you to get an idea until he gets orders. This is the military, hurry up and wait. The sooner you understand that you are on military time and not your own the better. The possibilities are endless, just be patient. When my husband joined the Air Force I thought we would be somewhere basic. Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois and we ended up in Guam and now headed to England! 
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  • Your husband might have a better idea of where you could end up based on what he's doing and what his superiors might have told him. The best things you can be as a military spouse are flexible and open minded. Any location is only as good as you make it, so if you welcome the challenge and open yourself up to the people you will meet there you will do fine.
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  • Make sure you take a LINKS class when you get to your first duty station. Lots of great info. 
  • My husbands in the Marines it's pretty much Camp Lejeune NC, Camp Pendleton CA, Hawaii or Japan. There is also Quantico in Virginia but yeah it depends on his MOS. 
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