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DH and myself have allergies....baby likely to?

So my hubby and I have seasonal allergies though mine were much more severe to the point meds quit working and I got allergy injections of 10+ years as an adult. I also developed allergy to dog (crazy because I grew up with cats and dogs), some food allergies and EoE as an adult (Eosinophilic Esophagitis if you know what that is allergies in esophagus and stomach, kids that have it usually are on formula/feeding tube) a few years ago though they couldn't figure out what I was allergic to. Does this make our baby likely to have allergies? The interesting thing is my parents and 4 siblings do not have allergies! My dad and brother might a bit now have a little seasonal allergy but that's it!

As a kid, the pediatrician told my mom not to put me through allergy shots. Starting at age 13 I became allergic to all sorts of raw fruits (OAS - oral allergy syndrome I found out when I was 19 and went to allergy dr) which is not fatal but when your face and eyes swell and throat, ears and mouth itch/swell, you don't eat them. At age 19 I began doing allergy injections but was in college so was not consistent. I started back up when after college when I had insurance and got them for 7 years. I'm much better. BUT a few months in they discovered I was allergic to tree nuts (I would get dizzy when I ate nuts/almonds). Fast forward a few years and I can eat the raw fruits HOORAY and nuts off and on (they retested me and are surprised I'm not allergic BUT determine maybe it is OAS and to avoid them).

Re: DH and myself have allergies....baby likely to?

  • The predisposition to allergies is genetic, but not what the specific allergies will be. 
    With our LOs, we have just been careful to introduce one food at a time, and to keep track of any reactions that happen. 
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