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Rash after sun

I went to the beach last week and got this extremely itchy rash of little bumps all over my upper arms and legs where the sun touched. I used SPF 50 the whole time and applied before going out and reapplied repeatedly while out. Its not on my face and is much more minor on my chest but I had a hat on so I got less exposure there. It only seems to be on areas where the sun touched and I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with something similar. I am trying not to panic but with the Zika scare I do wonder if I should, I did get 2 little bug bites on my leg despite coating myself with DEET whenever I went out. I was in NC where local transmission hasn't been reported but with the recent local spread in Miami it makes me worry. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow when the office opens but until then just gauging others experiences. Also, anyone know if taking something like Benadryl to help with the itch is safe or not? Pharmacist said it was and is category B.
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Re: Rash after sun

  • I've had this rash a few times before I was pregnant. It's just a heat rash, your skin reacting to the burn. You're being silly about the zika. I live in Florida and even Florida CDC doesn't know if it's mosquito to human spread locally yet. Your bug bites will be fine.
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  • Thanks, I thought so, my doc thinks so too. I've been in the sun soooo much over the years and never had anything like this before. My hubby watches wayyyyy too much news though so it makes me paranoid given the recent attention to it.
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  • Pregnancy makes you way more succeptable to sunburns, so you may be predisposed to be severely affected.  I try to stay in the shade when pregnant.  Last time at the beach I got burnt in an amount of time I'd normally not even tan within.  I use SPF 50+ and it doesn't seem to protect much during pregnancy.  
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