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Pre-eclampsia with twins at 31 weeks

hello all,
I was just diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 31 weeks with my twins.  My blood pressure has progressive getting higher and my 24-hr urine test came back abnormal.  Not to mention bad feet/ankle swelling.  Doc told me I needed to go on "modified" bed rest, and am bein given steriod shots for babies lungs.  I am freaking out, not to mention I suffer from severe anxiety/depression.  Im so worried that bad thibns will happen and they will need to deliver these kids now.

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage or gone through a similar experience?  Need some positive thoughts!

Re: Pre-eclampsia with twins at 31 weeks

  • Hey - I don't have experience with pre-eclampsia but I do have experience with a preemie. I went into labour at 33w3d with my first, and he was born at 34w0d. He spent a month in the NICU with his main issues being learn to suck/swallow and eat properly. He did amazing. I know it's scary, but preemies are resilient little people and you're already into a 'safe' point being 31 weeks. They told us expect him to be in hospital until around or close to his actual due date, so mentally prep yourself for that.
    Keep trying your best to stay calm, relax, do the bed rest thing, that's all you can do. Giving them the lung steroids now is great, that will make a huge difference for them. I'm currently on bed rest with my second, just got her the lung steroids last week as they don't expect her to cook much longer, I'm 29 weeks. It's really, really hard, but staying calm and positive is the best thing you can do for those little babes. Staying strong is mama's job, you just have to start a little earlier than planned ;)

  • I didn't have twins but I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at just a little under 30. My bp was out of control and I had proteins in my urine. My labs were all fine the whole time! Because my bp was insane I was on hospital bed rest for about 5 weeks. My little guy came at 34 weeks. We were lucky enough to have to separate round of the steroids for his lungs and he never had an issue with breathing! Our issue was size because he was also IUGR.

    Basically the way I've come to understand pre-e, is they want to keep you pregnant for as long as they can. As long as your labs are fine and they can control your bp they will let you stay pregnant. My bff just had twin girls at 34+6 because of preeclampsia. Her bp was bad but her labs were worse! She was also further along than I was. The further along you are the less they are willing to overlook.

    Hope this is helpful for you!
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  • I didnt have twins, but I had my daughter at 34 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. My blood pressure went up to 200 over something so they took her stat. She had igur and was 3lbs 5 ounces. Was in the nursey for 15 days gaining weight. She is a perfectly healthy 2 yo now. Never would know. I wish you the best. Its scarey, but it usually works out :)
  • I didn't have pre-e, but anxiety due to increasingly low amniotic fluid issues caused my BP to shoot through the roof. I had an emergency induction at 37 weeks finally. Try to keep your anxiety under control as much as you can, it can really worsen the BP issues.
  • I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping everything turned out ok for you @picare88. No twins here but I did have pre-e at 30w and delivered at 34w. The steroid shots were amazing. My guy did 11 days in the nicu. He only needed CPAP for 24h after birth then he was breathing fine thanks to those shots. 

    Good luck!

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