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Sitting hurts!

I'm 25 weeks and sitting is getting tougher and tougher. I put a pillow or blanket down when I can, but standing after sitting for more than 10 minutes makes standing back up so painful in my butt. I did have to have progesterone shots in my butt for about a month when I first got pregnant and I think that's what started the issue. I've told my doctor and she acts like oh well. I can tough it out because I obviously don't have much of a choice, but I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if you have found anything to help.

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  • Ever since my PIO injections, my sciatic nerve on my L side has been uber sensitive. I'm 22 weeks now. The pain can strike whether I'm sitting or standing. I've also developed pain in my pubic bone. OB said today that it's most likely pubic symphysitis, pain from my pelvis spreading. I'm going to begin prenatal yoga this week to see if that helps my L side. He also mentioned that if it doesn't improve, I can think about seeing a chiropractor. 
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  • Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately in my small town there are no prenatal workout classes at the gym, but I'm thinking maybe I can order a DVD online and do something at home.
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  • My Dr ok'd yoga, even tho it wasn't a 'prenatal' class, just plain old yoga. Obviously to be conscious of what poses put me at a risk to fall or anything that made me uncomfortable, but otherwise she was all for it. Doesn't hurt to ask your Dr about it. Also, swimming was a big relief as I advanced in pregnancy. The weightlessness took pressure off of everything, and allowed me to stretch everything in a way I couldn't while 'ashore', and work out muscular or skeletal kinks. Andplusalso, it's really nice to just float, and be comfortable because nothing is pressing on anything else. 
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