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No symptoms..

Im currently at 5 weeks, but im still not experiencing any major symptoms. I get light cramps here and there, but other than that there isnt that much of a difference. Anyone else experience the same???

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  • Same. Also 5 weeks. But if this is like last time, the nausea, fatigue and super smelling nose will hit next week like a ton of bricks.
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  • kjd291kjd291 member
    Try to enjoy it instead of worrying (I know, I know, easier said than done)) but Itll probably hit real soon and you'll regret not enjoying the good days!  Ive heard it said on average 6-7 weeks is when most symptoms ramp up.
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  • kjd291 said:
    Try to enjoy it instead of worrying (I know, I know, easier said than done)) but Itll probably hit real soon and you'll regret not enjoying the good days!  Ive heard it said on average 6-7 weeks is when most symptoms ramp up.

    Last time my symptoms were pretty much just like period symptoms until 5w5d when I was on the floor of a restaurant bathroom trying to throw up. :open_mouth:
    Enjoy it while you can. :) 
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  • With DS I didn't have a single symptom until 10 weeks. Enjoy it, they will come!

  • With my DS I had no symptoms at all.  Enjoy it maybe you won't have any!   This time around I'm having all sorts of symptoms 
  • kiki75kiki75 member
    I'm at 6+3 and I have strangely few symptoms, too. On one hand, I'm glad because I was so worried it would all hit me hard while I was on my business trip and would both slow me down, make me miserable, and be a giveaway. I even kept barf bags and Preggie Pops in my purse all the time. But on the other hand, it does feel really strange when it seems like everyone else has lots of symptoms. I can't believe I have to wait another 19 days before I go to the doctor for confirmation that there really is someone in there. 
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  • chrlyrchrlyr member
    I don't have much going on right now other than sore boobs and a little bit of gagging/nausea first thing in the morning. The thing that weirding me out the most is the lack of frequent urination and fatigue. I remember being totally wiped out until about 10 weeks with DS. Not so with this one. I'll get a little tired here and there, but nothing like last time. I think the hormones just affect different women differently and it can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. 
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  • Same here no major symptoms yet, but I know they are coming. Still have my fingers crossed the morning sickness never shows up.  With DS it all started at 6 weeks.  
  • Yeah, I had nothing at 5 weeks.  At 6+2, only breast tenderness and some slight changes in taste/smell that are barely perceptible.  Not everyone has symptoms and some symptoms are exaggerated b/c "symptom spotting" doesn't stop after pregnancy.  I'm guilty of it myself and find myself willing to falsely blame pregnancy for things that are just part of living a busy life or being stressed (like fatigue or exhaustion).  I'm personally thrilled not to have any symptoms and hope it lasts as long as possible.  
  • I echo what PP have said. My symptoms didn't start until 6weeks and now they come and go. Some people are lucky enough to get no symptoms (like my sister who had nearly no symptoms her whole pregnancy and now has a healthy 3-year-old). I know first hand that it is stressful to not see symptoms of the pregnancy, but try to enjoy the "easier" times. 
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  • With DD, I had symptoms right away (tested positive at 3 weeks and symptoms hit the next couple days) - major smell aversions, nausea, exhaustion, horrifically sore boobs and painful nipples.

    This time around, I'm tired but not much else. I've been worried here and there (especially with some spotting), but I'm trying to enjoy it and stay well hydrated and eat things I know were an issue last time before I get smacked in the face with any form of sickness and can't stomach the thought of chicken. 

    And just a word of warning: I was nauseous all through 1st tri with DD, and then the day I hit 2nd tri, I was puking daily, so it's not necessarily over after the 1st tri. Sorry! :(
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  • Thank you everyone!!
  • I'm 8 weeks and I'm not feeling anything either. But I've been seeing my baby every week so far and there's a strong heart beat and growth! Be glad! With DS I was sick every single day up until I had him. I lived off of cereal my entire pregnancy. Sometimes symptoms wont hit until 2nd tri. I know that happened to several ladies in my last bump month. 

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