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Nursing Tanks for Large Breasts (38 G+)

When I was newly nursing my daughter last time I quickly realized that all of the nursing camis (which were mostly just store brand XL nursing tanks) were going to offer me any support. I found the support camis from Gap maternity and I really loved that they offered some support and were stretchy enough to allow me to bring my breast out of the top to nurse. They weren't really supportive enough to go out in, but for daily life at home, they were perfect and I lived in them for the first few months and still do!

However, this time, I'd like to try some actual nursing tank tops with the little tabs that come down. 

I am typically a size 14 or L womens and was just fitted as a 38G, but I anticipate that increasing a bit as my milk comes in. 

Have any of you found any nursing tank tops that offer some support for large breasts that are actually comfortable and don't just give you the floppy uniboob look? I know I can DIY my own, but really, I'd love to just buy some and before I spend $45 a piece experimenting, I'd love to hear what has worked for you!

Thank you!

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Re: Nursing Tanks for Large Breasts (38 G+)

  • I'm a 38ddd so a few sizes smaller then you but still busty -- I was pleasantly suprises by the motherhood maternity nursing bras and nursing tanks !!! Great variety in larger sizes and they are so comfortable. The tanks can get pricey but a lot of times they have a decent buy some many get one free sale going 

    good luck !!
  • Try Bravado! I'm a 38G also and went up to 38 H when nursing my son and their largest size fit me. I just ordered 1 tank in each color in preparation for this time around. Good luck!
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