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Two child care drop offs or one?

I currently have a 3.5 and 10 month old. I am a teacher, so I am currently off. During the school year I used an in home sitter. She is very caring but there is no structured educational activities. In the fall I am sending my 3.5 year old to a daycare center that has a pre-school. I am debating what to do with the baby who will be a year. 

It it would be cheaper to keep her with the sitter but getting out the door and work on time can be a challenge for me.  I am wondering if I can manage two drop off and pick ups. My husband leave for work super earlier and works later than me so I typically handle drop off/ pick up. Anyone manage multiple drop offs or think it is better to keep them in one place?

Re: Two child care drop offs or one?

  • Is there a daycare center with preschool that also takes babies that you could switch to? One drop off is hard enough for us, I wouldn't want to make it two if I didn't have to. Also, usually centers that take multiple kids have a sibling discount. Granted, it's not usually great (maybe 10%?) but could be worth looking into.

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  • We just moved my daughter to a daycare/preschool near my work.  My son is currently on the wait list, but for now, he's still at the old daycare near our house, so we have 2 different places to drop off/pick up the kids.  It's annoying, but not terrible.  If it's cheaper for you to stick with the sitter for the younger one, I would go with that so you don't have to get 2 kids ready every morning.  But if you want to take the your younger one somewhere, it is do-able.  I find myself often packing breakfast for myself when I'm packing lunches and then just eating breakfast at work to save some morning time.
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