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Registry items second time around?

Hi Mamas,

My husband and I are currently expecting our second child.  The more we talk about it, the more we think there aren't really that many things that we might want to think about getting for the second kiddo that we don't already have.  Our thoughts so far are: baby monitor with two cameras, double stroller and, if we have a boy, new baby clothes.
What other things have you mamas with more than one kiddo found that you are glad you got with the second?

Re: Registry items second time around?

  • I'm also pregnant with my second and the only other thing that I've thought about getting with this one is a baby carrier. I didn't have one with my daughter but since I'll still be chasing her around when this one comes it makes sense to get one.
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  • klvklv member
    I had a carrier with my first but DD hated it. I gave it away but I want another. 

    I did not have a bouncy seat the first time but definitely want one!!  Also a thing to hold the changing pad on the dresser. I'm using the same brand car seat (chicco) big getting a different stroller (bravo) because the Cortina just did not work for us. 
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  • Why do you feel the need to register?

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  • Why do you feel the need to register?
    I did it for the coupons and the free offers. Even the 10% off coupon that comes for everything off your registry comes in handy. 
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  • Why do you feel the need to register?
    I will register if this baby is a boy because I do not have anything (ex. bedding, clothes, toys, etc). If we have another girl then I won't register for anything.
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  • So you're saying you're planning another shower.

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  • I have an Amazon registry for myself to bookmark things for this final baby.  Mostly we need clothes, and more bottles.  We're also contemplating a rock-n-play.
  • So you're saying you're planning another shower.
    I'm not planning anything. If our families want to give us a shower then that's fine with me. If we have another girl I don't see the need to have another shower unless it's just one of those diaper/wipe showers. If we have a boy it would be nice to have one because like I said we don't have anything for a boy.
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  • I have registered for all 3 pregnancies but I only had one shower.

  • @mrsdudeandkids - highly recommend the rock and play

  • I made a private registry on baby list for myself... I actually need quite a few things and just made one to organize myself a little better. It's private so you can't search for it. 

    I need new bottles, pacifiers, diapers, even though it's another boy I want some new clothes- some of the clothes I took out of storage already had milk stains that definitely weren't there when I packed them up, I also think I want to get rid of my electric stealizer and get a microwave one and get a smaller dryer rack. I also need a noise machine. 
  • Our second was the opposite sex of our first, and we felt like we didn't need much the second time around, too.

    Here's what we registered for:

    a double stroller (city mini double is awesome)
    new bottle parts - the plastic rings and nipples were showing age
    a new set of tubing parts for my pump
    a few new small toys, the ones that our first baby had chewed on were worn out
    new teethers and a teething necklace
    a larger counter top bottle drying rack since we needed room for pump parts, sippy cups, and bottles
    a larger diaper bag since our first was potty training and I needed room for clothing and diapers for 2
    onesie sets 
    a couple of Halo sleep sacks
    a bottle warmer (didn't have one with the first and finally realized I needed one)
    diapers and wipes
    a new backseat car mirror since our first child was still rear facing and using the one we had

    We registered mostly so that we could get the completion discount on the larger items, but friends and family that wanted to purchase a gift did use the registry. 
  • A lot of this depends on how old your first LO is. Do you need double of some baby stuff like cribs and rear facing car seats, for example?

    I find that when I have a new baby on the way, most of what I buy ends up being for the older sibs b/c I "graduate" them out of the baby stuff to make way for the new baby. So, things like a toddler bed, potty training stuff, forward facing car seat etc.
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