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Twins & Tilted Uterus Question

Hey ladies! I've been a lurker for a while, but I've never posted. I tried searching the boards but couldn't find anything that quite matches what I'm asking. 

Almost two weeks ago, we had our first u/s. Not surprisingly, we saw two little babies! (Twins run in my family.) Long story short, the tech mentioned some worry about the amount of fluid around Baby B. She said it concerned her and we should be prepared for 50/50 chance of vanishing twin. Then we listened to the heartbeats. The tech said, "Actually though, both babies heartbeats are really great. I'd go as far as to say Baby B's is perfect." They were measuring about 4-5 days apart, and both heartbeats were the same (between 154-156). Baby A was measuring 8w2-3d and Baby B measured at 7w4-5d. Following this, we had our meeting with the the doctor. The doctor talked to us about the possibilities of vanishing twin, and looked at our photos. She mirrored the same thoughts as the tech, and said it was probably 50/50. Then she performed a quick exam, and asked me, "Did you know you have a tilted uterus?" I had no clue... She didn't seem concerned by it at all.

So my DH and I went home and processed the info. Later we were watching the video we snuck during the u/s session where we heard the heartbeats. That's when we noticed that the photos she printed out didn't show as much room around Baby B as there was... It was smaller than A's but not as bad as the stills she printed for us were. Then I got to thinking... With the tech not knowing that I had a tilted uterus, could that be why it looked like Baby B had a smaller fluid sac around it? I did have a transvaginal one, but she did struggle a bit more with B than she did with A to get the heartbeat. When she found it, it was good but she said, "I keep moving, sorry, but it sounds great. Baby B's heart is perfect" when she was trying. 

We're going in to see a specialist this Thursday, but I'm a researcher, so my mind can't sit idle and wait. Does this sound like it might affect it or am I getting my hopes up? 


  • Congrats!  Tilted uterus can have an impact on what they see in very early ultrasounds, but normally if a doc sees something they're concerned about and wondering if the tech just couldn't get a good image, they'll do another quick U/S themselves.  They didn't see both of my babies during my 6 week ultrasound and blamed it on this.  Good news is two strong heartbeats.  Crossing my fingers for you!  
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