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So, just for fun, what makes your baby laugh these days? Anyone find their LOs ticklish spots?

just putting on or taking off a shirt can send my little guy into a giggle fit. He's quite ticklish around his armpit area   :D

Re: Laughs!

  • He ticklish in his sides. He also laugh when I sing silly songs.
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  • DD is ticklish under her neck and on her belly. She laughs at her big brother and sometimes other people. Dolls and cuddly toys can sometimes get a giggle out, and fresh diapers bring her joy also!
  • Our LO is ticklish on his thighs, neck and underarms. He also usually laughs at our dogs when we're doing tummy time and they are playing in front of him. We only had a giggles for a while but got our first full on laugh at the beginning of the week, it was so great to hear!
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  • Haven't found any tickle spots yet, but he laughs when I sing him silly songs (Baby got back, Tight pants,ect.)
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    Very ticklish and will laugh to copy you if you start Sn exaggerated laugh, the dog however is guaranteed to get her howling all the time, no idea why, she sees the dog and it's an immediate belly laugh 
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