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What are you doing to beat the heat!?

I don't know about you all, but it is hot as balls in NJ and I am slowly melting into oblivion.  What are you doing to beat this heat? I'm sitting in the air conditioning, real original, I know. The combination of heat, feeling queasy and adulting is enough to make me cry! Maybe it isn't too hot where you are....brag about it! :smiley:

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Re: What are you doing to beat the heat!?

  • I'm doing the same as you, sitting in the A/C and being a hermit. I tried to go out gardening this weekend and threw up from the heat- hopefully it will cool off a little bit in the next couple days, 80s instead of 95+ would be nice. In Michigan the humidity is horrible. 
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  • It's not too terrible here in OR, we're actually having a pretty mild summer.  DH and I did pick up a largish kiddy pool at Costco in case it gets too far up there again.  I am not ashamed. 
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  • DD and I sat in the kiddy pool in the backyard this morning with a hose aimed at us. We have also watched two movies, I can't fathom going out and doing anything else, especially when I just overall feel like sh*t already.  
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  • I'm in Georgia. High today is 102. I'm dreading the walk to my car after work with this nausea. All I can think of is my bed in the AC.

  • Like everywhere else it seems, North Carolina is hotter than hades - and with the humidity, I feel like I'm swimming through fire. I avoid outdoors at all costs right now. Just like @FishingMama15 the most dreaded part of my day is the walk I have to make under direct sunlight to my car that feels like a literal oven. And then add the drive down windy roads in a car that doesn't fully cool down until I actually get home and it's basically the definition of misery. 
  • Today in Tulsa, OK we are at a warm 91* that feels like 101*. Believe it or not, that's actually cooler than it has been recently... I think this past Saturday the heat index was 106*. I'm staying inside until the Fall!  :D I am so thankful that I am not *big* pregnant in this weather. Stay cool ladies!
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  • Currently it is 96 here in good ole NC....feels like 111. I'm avoiding the outdoors like the plague. As others have mentioned, my walk from my office to my car in the afternoon is the worst 8 minutes of my day. 
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  • @theabels Jersey here too. Also sitting in AC. I have to walk 1/2 a mile to my mode of transit for work and i stopped in three separate stores along the way just for the AC lol!!

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  • I'm in eastern WA, which is in the high desert, so it gets hotter than balls here. Today's it's 102. The only good thing is there's no humidity, but 102 is still hot as F. Don't let people fool you with that whole, "dry heat isn't bad" crap. It feels like a literal oven when I get in my car. I pretty much have stayed in doors and have become a hermit that doesn't move from the couch on the weekends because I'm so dang tired from being pregnant. This makes me sooooo grateful that I won't be hugely pregnant in the summer. That sounds like absolute misery!

  • kjd291kjd291 member
    Water. Lake yesterday. Ocean today, friends pool tomorrow.  I feel so sick, but making myself take DD out always goes better than I think it will, it's a good distraction and helps the day go by faster. Once we're home--AC!
  • I'm in Utah and it's going to be over 100 for the next five days.  I'm not doing anything but whining all the time. And mentally I have just skipped ahead to Fall, when I'm hoping I will be cooler, have an adorable bump, hopefully not be sick anymore, and be able to announce the pregnancy.

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  • kelizrkelizr member
    I'm in PA, just north of Philly. While it's hot up here today, we actually have a super nice breeze and I was able to open the house up today! First day in several with this heat wave! Looks like the upper 90s is going to continue too! Not loving, but since moving over the winter, we now have a pool. Godsend!!!!!

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  • Sitting in the AC and reading my book when I can stay awake. We are on day six of 90+ weather. Ugh!!!! 
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  • Taking my son to run around the mall and going to chick fil a to take advantage of the playplace, lol. Gotta get the toddler out if the house!!
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  • Thankfully it's better this week here in KS... still heat indexes over 100, but I went to a soccer game Friday night and the heat index was over 110. I was pretty sure I was going to die. My work keeps the building at -100 or something ridiculous so I'm usually set in there.
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  • DC is the icky outside :( 
    I'm staying in the AC for sure, drinking lots of super cold ginger limeade. I'm trying to limit my sugar but between the heat and how helpful it is for handling my nausea, I'm having lots of frozen kefir pops and strawberry lemonade popsicles. 
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  • I got home from a work trip at 1:00am this morning and when I walked into the apt, it felt like a tropical jungle. H and I left on separate trips, met up over the weekend, but only I am here from today until Thurs. Not only did he turn off the AC on all 6 of our wall units (we are in NYC, wall units are the closest you can get to central AC) but he turned the thermostats up to 80! W T-everloving F?!  I seriously had to hack through rainforest canopy to get to my bedroom and I'm pretty sure I saw a sloth sitting on my couch watching Netflix. 

    Our living room: 
  • Seriously though, I've been hydrating, mixing in a little Gatorade w/my waters, and taking cabs to get around instead of the subway. Headed to Stowe, VT for the weekend and will probably swim in a lake or mountain stream or something.  I have not been running in this heat. I used to but am conscious of taking a little better care of myself than I would if it were just me. 
  • afbaby0715afbaby0715 member
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    It was 112* here today
    i had to be on job sites all day, but I'd rather play hookie and head to the ocean.
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