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Tubes in ears

Hi All!
My LO just got tubes in his ears yesterday and today was tubby day. I did the cotton balls with Vaseline but it wasn't very smooth. Do any mommas out there have any ingenious methods for keeping water out of baby's (my guy is 17months) ears???

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  • Every doc is different but my ENT specialist said we didn't even need to worry about ear plugs for bath time. I just make it a point to not let my LO lay down and submerge his ears in anyway and will cover/block his ears when rinsing his hair. He's had tubes now for over a year (now 21 months old) and we haven't had a problem. If I take him into a pool, we use store bought ear plugs. 

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  • Our ENT actually gave us plastic earplugs when DD got her tubes and also special ear drops to use if/when she gets future ear infections and for when water does get in her ears. I've also heard that other Dr.'s don't have any restrictions on keeping water out of ears because the chance of any water actually getting through the tubes is slim. I know they also make squishy ear plugs that you roll into a ball and then smush around the ear to form a barrier, I think the pack I saw is about $5 at Rite Aid?
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  • Thanks for all of your advice! I did see ear plugs and bought some. Then we went to his follow up appt and found out that we are all set now and don't need to worry about any of that. Oh well!! Thanks anyway! I'm just happy he's not falling down so much and is able to, relatively, run in a straight line (when he's not looking behind him!) haha!!
  • If you go on wish they actually have a hat looking this that covers their ears my lo had tubes put in at 10 months and that is what we did
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