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3rd Trimester

Is it back pains or back labor? HELP

I'm about too be 40 weeks Wednesday. I've had back pains this whole pregnancy. But I woke up this morning too get my bf up for work and I normally go back too sleep afterwards. But my back has been in sooo much pain I can't sleep it's been about 2 hrs. It hurts too move around in bed too try and get comfortable even my upper legs hurt when moving or trying too move atleast. I'm layin on a pillow right now might help a little but I still,can't go back too sleep and normally I have no problem goin,back too bed even with the back pain but this is awful. How do I know if it's back contractions or jus back pain?

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  • I suggest calling your OB for their stipulations for coming in. It sounds like it could be contractions, but it's hard to tell when you're a FTM and don't know what to watch for. 
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    agreed with @ecwk. doesn't sound like back labour to me. i had back labour so bad i could still feel it through the epidural. 
    if you've had constant back pain for 2hrs straight, it's no back labour. it also doesn't go into your legs, or at least it didn't for me. baby could possibly have shifted & hit a nerve or something. back labour comes in waves just like regular contractions.
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