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How often and how much are your LO's eating? Mine eats food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually a food pouch and a bowl of oatmeal . Breastfeeds or has a bottle in-between meals and lots of little snacks. Seems like he eats all day long. We also give him food off our plates at meals to try. My son has quite a few teeth now and I am wondering when do people typically stop giving pureed foods and give all finger foods? I try to feed him healthy meals and mostly organic. Anyone have any good ideas for easy toddler meals?

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  • I EBF still but my daughter eats all day long it seems like, she loves table foods. She eats what we eat mostly. Snacks on Cheerios and crackers in between. I started baby food at 6 months with her and by 7 months had stopped the purees. She just popped her first tooth this week but has happily gummed food for months. I stock up on some store bought toddler meals in case we have something for dinner or lunch that is too hard for her.
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  • My son eats ALL day.  Wakes up has a small snack of fruit or crackers while i get his bottle.  Eats his bottle,  and usually within an hour is ready for 'breakie' usually oatmeal mixed with fruit and various finger foods,  or fruit.  He'll do that 3 times a day just different foods,  but usually goes snack > bottle > food, plus another bottle with out food around naptime,  one at bedtime,  and non stop snacking throughout the day. Can you say 'oink'? 
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  • I have been trying to figure this out too! We wake up and have a small bottle, then breakfast which is 4oz puree and a scrambled egg (with puffs also), then bottle before nap, a pouch (4oz) for lunch, bottle before nap, dinner is usually 4oz puree, finger food (1/2 avocado or cooked carrots) and he'll have some of what we are eating, then bottle before bed. He's starting to fight the purees so I'm trying to fade them out. He is a big boy (almost 12 months and close to 25lbs). I've been trying tI find healthy meals for him that I can prepare ahead of time. We have 6 teeth so he pretty much eats everything now 
  • L hasn't had a purée in about 6 weeks. When he quit being excited for them, we switched to regular adult foods. He has 3-4 bottles but one is water or milk as his pedi instructed. We are trying to have him down to 1-2 bottle per day by 1 yr old.

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  • My DD eats everything under the sun! The only pureed food I still give her is veggies, she hasn't seemed to like any besides corn kernels and broccoli but will eat any pureed veggie.  She too seems to eat all day!! I think it's just cause they grow tremendously in the first year!
  • I try to give hI'm a puree for the three major meals, he has 3 bottles a day, and just snacks on whatever we're eating the rest of the time. He loves just about every food he's ever been offered! But then again, he'd sit and eat paper if I let him so I guess it's not much to brag about haha
  • My lo will be one on 8/4 and since he been 8 months old he has been off of pureed food but he also has 7 teeth
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