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Double strollers - what do I really need?

I've been doing some research on Lucie's List, and I am leaning toward just getting a stroller frame for the first 6-9 months while the babies are in infant car seats. She seemed to recommend this due to the lightweight nature of the frames versus the convertible doubles. 

After they outgrow the infant seats though, what do I really need? Can I get away with jumping right to a double umbrella, if I get a higher end one like the Uppababy G-link? It seems to have all the bells and whistles as the "normal" (don't know what else to call them... full size?) double strollers without being gigantic and heavy.

What did you do for your twins? 

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Re: Double strollers - what do I really need?

  • We bought a normal double stroller from the get go. Both car seats snapped into it, and it works great now that they've moved into their convertibles. It's front to back, so it's easy to fit through doorways and tight spaces. It actually folds up really easy and doesn't take up a ton of space. I love the huge basket underneath, because we have to lug around a lot for 3 kids. I wouldn't personally do it any other way! I got my stroller for $160. 

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    @DolphinLover2002 can I ask which one you got? You didn't find it too heavy in the beginning? I have been reading that some of the normal doubles are really heavy especially when recovering from a possible c-section. But maybe I'm overthinking it.

    ETA: How old are your children? Do they fight over riding in the front? Haha. That was one thing I thought of when looking at front/back versus side-by-side doubles. I kind of wanted a side-by-side, but I can see your point about the front to back being narrower for doorways and such.

    DS: June 2008
    Married: July 2015
    BFP: 5/20/16  |  EDD: 1/28/17  |  Twin boys born 1/16/17
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    I have the Graco Duoglider Classic connect stroller in the dragonfly pattern. I got mine off of, but they are out of stock. I just Googled it, and other places have it too. It only weighs about 25 pounds. I actually did have a c-section, and was on a weight restriction for a few weeks. My dh just lifted it in and out of the vehicle then. After that, it was easy. The back seat is slightly higher, making it easier for them to see over the front seat. Many people recommended these $600 strollers, but I couldn't afford that. This one is only $130. It drives very well, easy to steer it anywhere. 

    My twins are 13 months. To make it fair, they switch front to back every time they ride. They don't care so far! 

    ETA: if you look on, look up the Duoglider Classic connect in the new style scribbles. It shows you a video on how it folds up and all of its features. That's ultimately what sold me on the stroller. 

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    Our big thing was wanting one that fit infant car seats and transitioned into bigger seats as well as one that was front and back, not side by side. We went to Buy Buy Baby and I took all of our options on a test drive through the store to check how they took tight turns, if they could fit between racks and if I can't maneuver it one handed if need be. We ended up getting a Contours Options Elite and I love it. It is a little heavier, around 40 lbs, but I only need to lift it in and out of our van. The company itself is really responsive. We lost the cupholder it comes with and they shipped us a new one within days, no questions asked. It's around $300 but they have those 20% off coupons. 
    I'd really suggest going into a store and test driving all of the models they have. Even if you want one from another store, you can see what type you'd like to have.

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    I use a double snap n go and a single snap n go for my triplets. I don't go places alone with them!
    a twin mom friend showed me her Contours and I'm jealous! It's a really nice stroller!
    I have two triples and a wagon- but what I am planning also which may be a good idea for you- is single umbrella strollers and then buying connectors for them. That way if you bring out one, you have a single stroller, and two you can connect to make a double. The connectors are sold on Amazon for about $15 and work with any stroller as long as the strollers are the same.

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