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When to start dropping sessions?

DD is 11 months old.  I absolutely love breastfeeding, but I work full time and hate pumping.  I'd love to hear others' stories about how/when they started decreasing pumping sessions.  How long after you dropped one did you wait to drop the other?  

I currently nurse at 6am and 6pm, and pump at 9, 12, and 3.  I'm planning to start by transitioning to only 2 pumping sessions per day.  Should I just drop the 3pm session or spread out the remaining to (10am/2pm)?  

Thanks in advance for sharing your stories!

Re: When to start dropping sessions?

  • My son is also 11 months. I dropped down to 2 sessions a couple months ago. I pump at 10 and 2 (I was pumping at 9, 12, and 3 like you are). I'm planning to go down to one pump in a couple weeks. I think I'm just going to try pushing the 10 am pump back further and further until it's gone. 
  • My son is also 11 months old! I just recently dropped a session at work and then dropped my morning session. I used to BF at 6am then pump before work. Then pump twice at work and once before I go to bed (on my work days). When I am off I pumped after the am feeding,  BF all day and pump once before bed.

    Now I pump once at work and once at night. Overall I have seen a drop in my supply. It a weird mix of feelings. I feel sad I am not producing as much because I don't have as much for him ( I have started using my freezer stash at times). But also its been a long year of pumping/nursing and I am looking forward to being done.

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  • Update: I'm pushing my two work pumps back in 15 minute increments. Now I'm pumping at 11:15 and 3:15. I'm hoping to be weaned off pumping completely by the end of August--DS will be 13 months old. I'll send freezer milk to daycare until it's gone. It's bittersweet, but I'm ready to be done with pumping. 
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