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Girl names - short list, other suggestions?

Hello all - we're in the final stretch, and I think we're starting to narrow down name options.  We had a tough time naming our first and ended up taking a short list to the hospital and made the final decision after we met him.  I think we'd like to do the same this time as well.  Below is our current running list:

- Eleanor Danielle (nn Nora, might just skip Eleanor and call her Nora although I tend to like nicknames.  Still concerned about the popularity of this one)
- Grace Danielle (might be too popular)
- Audrey Danielle (might be too popular, also a friend's daughter's name)
- Miriam Danielle (Miri nn)
- Lucy Danielle

A few other names that have been considered - Amelia (Mia), Emery, Gabrielle

Danielle is after my brother (middle name Daniel) who passed away.  We are not completely set on Danielle if there is first name that we like that it doesn't work with.  Another idea to honor him would be to keep the initials "A.D.".  

Any other suggestions or thoughts / comments?  We tend to like older, kind of quirky names, but those are all of a sudden more popular!  I think with our son we had a few names we really liked, and this time we just have some that we kind of like...

Re: Girl names - short list, other suggestions?

  • I like Eleanor and Miriam. 

    Also suggest 

    Felicity Danielle 
    Frances Danielle 
    Vera Danielle 
    Corinne Danielle 
    Beatrice Danielle 
    Agnes Danielle
    Agatha Danielle
  • All good options! My favorites from your list are Nora, Miriam, and Amelia. 
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  • All solid choices.

    I like Grace, Audrey and Miriam best, probably Miriam with the lead.

    I'm quite tired of Eleanor.

  • I love Miriam Danielle. My second choice would probably be Danielle Grace if you didn't mind calling her by her middle name. Other suggestions...



  • Miriam followed by Grace. Love them both and they both work with Danielle. 
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  • Miriam Danielle is great! I think Miriam is a wonderful name and not popular.
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  • All very nice choices and Danielle is a beautiful name and sentiment. I particularly like Miriam and Grace. Good luck!
  • My favorite on your list is Lucy. 

    Also suggest Ruby, Evelyn

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  • I like Grace and Nora best out of those. Have you considered Daniella? I think if flows better with a few of your options than Danielle.

    Daniella Grace (could use nn Ella, Ellie, etc.)
    Grace Daniella
    Nora Danielle 
    Eleanor Daniella
  • Grace danielle

  • Amelia Danielle :)
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  • I'm not sure how I feel about Danielle as a first name.  I have a tendency to shorten everything and I'm not a fan of Dani or Elle or Ella as nicknames (Elle and Ella bc I know too many already).  

    Another nn for Miriam could be Mira - my husband actually likes that nn better than Miri.  

    Eleanor / Nora has been a name that I've liked for a really long time, I'm a little disappointed that it seems to be so popular now bc I'd prefer to name our kids something a little less common. Our son's name is Wesley, which I thought wasn't very common, but there is another Wesley in his preschool class so he's already referred to by our last name...  which was exactly what I was trying to avoid.

    My brother's first name was Alan, so I could also use some version of that for a middle name.  Alana?  It just seemed that Danielle worked a little better with some of the first names we like.  Daniella could be an option too.

    I like the suggestions of Evelyn and Vera but husband does not.
  • Great list. Audrey and Nora are my favs. Danielle seems like a perfect way to honor your brother. Great choices!
  • My favorites are Lucy and Audrey. 
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  • I like all of your names... my favorite is Eleanor other suggestions- Vivienne, Joyce, Dorothy, Melinda nn Mindy, Devorah, Devoney, Margot (pronounced Margo), Finola
  • Audrey Danielle is my favorite.
  • I like Miriam. You never hear it anymore.


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  • We have an Emery Claire. And Audrey & Nora are our front runners for our new little one. So these are my vote! 
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    Miriam Danielle and Miriam Alana are both pretty. Another nn option for Miriam is Mimi. 

    My second choice from your original list would be Amelia Danielle. 

    I also like Alana/Alanna as a first name, eg,

    Alana Grace
    Alana Miriam
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