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Hello! New here.

Hi everyone. I am new to this board and new to the world of adoption. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years. We did three cycles of IVF without success. We have decided to adopt and are going to begin working with a local agency soon. I am happy to find this board as we navigate through the process.

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  • Welcome!  I've been on the board for a good bit, but not active.  I used it primarily to read advice from others, but I'd like to be more active now.  I am considering adoption as my husband and I have had two failed IVF cycles and 4 failed IUI's. 

    We are considering adopting through adoptuskids.gov.  We need to get cleared for adoption and foster, which I think can take a year.  Good luck on your journey.  Keep me updated!  
  • Hello. Me and DH have also had a good deal of fertility treatment with no success. I think we're ready to close that chapter and though it's a new decision the grief is overwhelming.

    We are open to adoption and may look into this process.

    Right now our hearts are so heavy. I hope in time we find peace and joy.
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  • The problem with adoptiskids is that by the time they're photo listed they've often been through every available channel and no one feels they can handle them. The trauma can be severe and takes a very special family. i hope you're that family, just know it will be challenging.

    The other option is foster to adopt. But I can tell you from experience after a baby leaves it's heartbreaking.
  • Hi Everyone, Newbie here! I have been a long-time "lurker" but I am going to take the leap and go active. I have been TTC for almost 4 years. No luck. We're toying with going through IVF but have been trying to learn as much as we can about the adoption process.  We haven't decided if we want the heartache of more failed attempts, or, if we want to throw our efforts into the adoption process. I'm hoping to connect, learn, and support others in the same or similar situations while I am here.
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