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From New Jersey and adopt from US?

Is anyone from NJ and has already adopted from the US? I have been researching for a while to try and see what the whole process is but there is conflicting information. It is very frustrating and I am looking for someone who is willing to kind of explain the process to me. I don't even know of adoption agencies around here and if there was I am sure they are very expensive.

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  • In the us foster care adoption is an option that's not expensive. You have the risk the child you foster will leave though. It helps to ask about patent history. If they've had several kids taken there's a better chance of adoption. If there's no family to take the kids there's a better chance. Just one option.
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    Another (also free/inexpensive) adoption is to adopt from foster care, with pre-adoptive placements only. 

    Most kids in foster care still have parents in the picture, so they can leave foster care (and your home) at any time. But, there also are a number of kids whose parents already have had their rights terminated. They're permanent wards of the state, and available for adoption.

    The only downside is you will likely wait (much) longer for these placements. Foster care children come almost immediately, but you run the risk of them leaving just as quickly. Pre-adoptive children are harder the come by, but they'll stay once you get them!

    My husband and I were blessed with a pre-adoptive placement shortly after beginning the adoption process. Our child had no birth parents/family to return to, so that was never a risk. It was just a matter of us passing the home study.
  • We did embryo adoption. So we are having a pregnancy with ours. We looked into the foster to adopt but it did not work because we were having to move for my hubby's job.

    Wishing you the best!
  • You can also look into your states safe surrender list.
  • @Torpedogirl aren't you in the march bmb with me? I live in nj and was just curious if you are still looking into adopting. Also, where in nj are you?
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