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help with rolling during sleep!

hi everyone! has anyone dealt with their baby rolling onto his/her tummy and subsequently waking up? little guy is about 5 1/2 months now and this has been going on for about SIX WEEKS now, so I'm at a loss. He WILL sleep on his tummy if he is sound-enough asleep when he eventually rolls over from his back - but if he is trying to fall asleep or remotely still awake/in a light sleep, he wiggles around onto his tummy and it keeps him awake. Similarly, if he wakes up in the night when he's on his tummy, he gets agitated instead of falling back to sleep (sometimes he'll make a little moan and then fall back to sleep, but typically his moans/cries will escalate until he is awake). He's sleeping in a bassinet next to the bed, but about to outgrow it. He does this when he ends up next to me in bed after I have to feed him to calm him back down, and he does this in the Pack n Play for naps. We've tried the zipadee zip, swaddling just his legs, etc., and he always just instantly rolls onto his tummy but can't fall asleep that way - he has to be already in a deep sleep :( help!!!

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Re: help with rolling during sleep!

  • Unfortunately this is one of those things that just has to pass. There isn't a thing you can do about it until he is rolling more easily and comfortable sleeping on either his tummy or back. You are not alone and tons of moms complain about this stage.

    I don't recommend you swaddle at all since he is rolling and that could be dangerous. Hang in there!

  • Having The same issue a little bit. Our 3 month old just started rolling over and is doing the same thing. If she is in a deep sleep and ends up on her tummy it's ok but if she wakes up and is there she can't seem to get comfortable. She was sleeping through the night but has been getting up now. We have been trying to encourage her to stay on her tummy more during the day and when she starts to get fussy there just soothe her a little bit instead of immediately turning her over.
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  • I'd take this situation over what we have going on right now. He would do this exact thing, but fall asleep after about 15 min. Now he can roll both ways... And does it... All night... Running into the bars of the crib over and over and crying. Literally every two hours or so... It's a nightmare...
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