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Covering ears

im sure this is probably nothing (or we'd have called the ped.) but my 10 month old has been covering his ears a lot today. Not linked to any particularly loud or new sounds, just all of a sudden lifting his hands or arms over his ears for a few seconds. Thinking probably just teething pain? or some wax in there? Or just a fun new thing he stumbled upon? No other symptoms so I'm not too worried about ear infection, but just curious if anyone has thoughts? 

Re: Covering ears

  • My daughter does this as well and is about 10 1/2 months old. I think it's just something fun and new. Our theory is that we sound different when she covers her ears, or that she is just feeling her head! 
  • kjd291kjd291 member
    Like @bittersweet0483 said - my 10 1/2 DD started this too and our guess was playing with the sounds and discovering her ears.  
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  • tvistetviste member
    My daughter has been doing this for quite some time. My doctor just told me that it could be caused by teething pain, or it could just be that she found her ears and likes playing with them. 

    She has just recently started pulling her pulling so hard some breaks off in her hands. She has never played with her hair before so I am hoping it is just a "ooo whats this" thing
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