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HDBD 7/13!

Happy Hump Day! Let's see those cute babies!

It's true :-) I am SO LUCKY!

Re: HDBD 7/13!

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  • @KyleeWaller she's adorable - I love love love that headband!!!
  • @mondo77 THOSE PANTS !!!
  • yogahhyogahh member
    Pascal86 said:

    Sierra's favorite spot - on this mat right next to our big windows in the dining room. Don't know if it's the windows or the mat she likes, but she chills out every time we put her down there, so it's my favorite spot too!
    We have that outfit.. It's one of my favs!!

    cat fail animated GIF

  • @yogahh me too! And someone just gave us the same outfit in the 6 month size so she'll be wearing it for a long time - good because when my husband is walking around with it I can easily find them. I call her my little safety cone when she's wearing it. 

  • @Bltbear82 is it weird if I say I love him? Cause I love him! His pics make me smile!
  • @jenly17 not at all, thank you! He's got a great little personality already and so snuggly. 
  • @yogahh @Pascal86 We have it too in the 0-3 month size but I put it on V yesterday and her thighs are so huge it left like deep welts in them after I took it off  :D:'( I guess it's time to pass it on to my friend's much skinnier baby. 

  • @yogahh those pictures are beautiful!!
  • yogahhyogahh member
    AliciaD39 said:
    @yogahh those pictures are beautiful!!

    Thanks!! The girl that did them just does it as a side job, so I guess I wasn't expecting them to come out too great, so I am pleasantly surprised! Well be using her again for xmas and 1st bday photos :) I cant believe I am already thinking about 1st bdays!

    cat fail animated GIF

  • wsgjmw1 said:

    My little fish! Gunna be a swimmer just like mommy! 
    So cute! How old is your little man? I want to get one of those for Nora but I want to make sure her head control is a little better first. He looks so relaxed in it!
  • @LadySamLady I *love* those marshmallow hands and those chubba cheeks! 
  • @CUtiger09
    I bought a float for Jacqueline and tied the seat in a knot.

  • wsgjmw1wsgjmw1 member
    edited July 2016
    He is 11 weeks and did so good in the float. But like anything at this age he was over it in like 20 mins haha. he was able to rest the back of his head on the raft for comfort. 
  • @CUtiger09
    I bought a float for Jacqueline and tied the seat in a knot.

    That's a good idea! I think we even have one of those somewhere. We took her in the water the other night but just held her the whole time. I think letting her float like that would be great. I still would like one with a canopy at some point.
  • @Kit&cat a friend drew our two cats and had it made into fabric. He has a kitty bib in same pattern! Coolest shower gift ever
  • My little munchkin will be 3 months tomorrow! She's growing so fast! I don't like it! 
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