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Pregnant group in Howard County

Hi there fellow pregnant ladies.  I'm looking to see if there is a group already, or if anyone would like to join me in developing a group of pregnant ladies.  I'd love to find others who would like some relaxing downtime, girl talk, shopping, etc. Aside from the very useful community discussion boards, I'd love to get out of the house every so often and meet up with other future moms.  If anyone knows of existing groups, please let me know!  Otherwise if anyone would like to join me, let me know.

Re: Pregnant group in Howard County

  • This is my third pregnancy due in December. .. that would be nice to have a group .. I have no idea if it exists or not but I would love to be apart of it.
  • Me too. Moving to Columbia in 2 weeks and I know no one!
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  • @betharama how old is your baby/ when are you due? Mine was born June 6. A boy. I live not too far from Columbia. At the moment I work very close to there though I am hoping to change that.
  • Hello ladies! We are expecting our first one in November, and live in Columbia. I think this group would be a nice idea for us mommies in the area.
  • Expecting our first end of October and new to Columbia-feeling a little lonely here! :)
  • Did anything ever come of this?  I'm also in Columbia and expecting my first in a few weeks.
  • Did this ever materialize? I'm due end of October and would love to meet up with some other Columbia moms!
  • I too would like to meet up with some Columbia moms. I currently have a two month old and I am feeling like I don't have much in common with my friends anymore :(
  • Ugh I wish I lived near you guys. We're in Baltimore county & I want a pregnancy group so bad!
  • My husband and I are moving to Howard County before our baby comes in August and I will not know anyone! Do any of you recommend midwives, hospitals, and pediatricians in that area? 
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    My husband and I recently moved to Ellicott City and we are expecting our first! I don't know anyone in the area and would love to meet some friends! We moved from Chicago last year. 
  • Hi there!  My husband and I used to live in Glenview and now live in Columbia.  When are you due?
  • Hey mommas, don't know if this is a group for mothers who already had their babies or expecting mommas but we're expecting our first in November and would like to connect with other moms in the area. I live in Germantown but am familiar with Columbia. Ü
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