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Sippy cups?

I ebf and ds barely has ever taken a bottle since i stay home but when he does its no problem. However he will not drink out of a sippy cup or he will just chew the mouth piece or spill it all over himself. Do you have any cup recommendations? Ive tried the nuby bottles with and without handlea and the take and toss ones.
DS 8/13/15 
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Re: Sippy cups?

  • We didn't have great luck with any kind with a rubber top/nipple. We introduced it at 6 months and he did great with a hard plastic spout. We found one that had a insert that you can control the flow so he didn't choke with every drink. Now he loves any kind, especially ones with straws. Just keep trying different styles and he'll catch on!
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  • We haven't had luck with sippy cups either.  He just chews the top or straw.   He does ok with a cup if we help.  I may try one more kind of sippy cup before I give up and just give him the cup 
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  • @Mack2342  I think he might just go straight to a straw cup once he drinks regular milk but i will try one more too!
    DS 8/13/15 
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  • It took us 2 months to master the spout sippy cups and 15 minutes to master the straw ones. Maybe just go straight for those!
  • hcrishhcrish member
    We have tried a handful of different sippy cups and highly recommend the Munchkin 360.
  • Have you tried just a regular straw? We were lucky in that DS was obsessed with everyones drink and he picked up the straw early. Sorry it's not a sippy cup recommendation but he might take to it.
  • DD is great at both. But I think it's from watching her brother. DS didn't use them well till 16mo. 

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  • the first cup LO actually like was the Munckin 360 and that continues to be a favorite. He will also use the munchkin click lock with the straw and now uses the hard nipple ones. It just took some time getting used to.
  • L just chewed and chewed on them. I had one last ditch effort with the take and toss ones, and didn't let him have an 'afternoon snack bottle' just the sippy. Within about 15 minutes he had it figured out and now only wants a bottle at nap/bed times.

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  • LO drinks from an actual cup better than from a sippy so far... but obviously, he can't be left unattended with a regular cup so we'll just keep working on it.
  • We use the Munchkin 360 too since our ped was saying you aren't supposed to use ones with the spouts. We did have to start with a sippy with a silicone spout, I left the plug out because otherwise it was too hard for her to drink out of, once she had that down she was able to transition to the spoutless cup. 
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