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cereal every day?

My son is just over 7 months & per my ppediatrician's recommendation, he didn't start eating solids until he was 6 months. I started introducing one food at a time, mostly vegetables. On the third day of a food, I started trying to feed him in the morning, & if the food wasn't a hit, I'd try again in the evening. Well, he loves oatmeal. I started feeding him it in the evening, hoping it would make him sleep better. I'm trying to feed him a veggie/fruit in the morning so he doesn't get constipated. I was thinking about giving him oatmeal like every evening, maybe mixed with a fruit/veggie, & introducing a new food in the morning. But I'm concerned that oatmeal everyday now is too much carb & not enough variety. What do you guys think?!

Re: cereal every day?

  • I do oatmeal twice a day every day, it actually helps my LO with constipation. In the morning about an hour before her second bottle I do oatmeal and either applesauce, pear, or banana purées. I'll put it in a bowl with oatmeal on one side and the purée on the other and scoop a little of each at the same time. At first I was doing just oatmeal but she loves them when they are together. She's about to turn 6 months. And I also do the same for her solids around dinner time. I think it's a good way to offset the taste/texture of a new solid and then you can slowly start giving more purée and less oatmeal  :)
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  • I actually mix his purees with oatmeal, he likes it thicker. Maybe try adding purée to his oatmeal at night. 
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  • DS get oatmeal every day at daycare.
  • We eat oatmeal every day. Sometimes I mix formula with it, sometimes I purée real fruits and mix, or the bought baby food. 
  • amp61470 said:
    I actually mix his purees with oatmeal, he likes it thicker. Maybe try adding purée to his oatmeal at night. 
    Yep, and my LO likes the chunky baby food mixed it. She lights up when she gets a little apple or pear in a bite!
  • I do oatmeal everyday for breakfast with a little bit of cinnamon in it. When I started doing oatmeal, I just mixed it with breastmilk and he didn't care for it then, but once I added the cinnamon he goes crazy for it. I haven't noticed him being any more constipated than before we started solids (5.5 months) and he is 7 months now.
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