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Exclusively Pumping!!

Hi Ladies!!

I had my sweet sweet girl when she was 37 wks 6 days which was on 6/27/16. Because she was early and only 5 lbs 3ozs we haven't been able to get her to successfully latch yet because she's so small and I have large breasts, BUT we are still trying I am adamant about getting her latched. In the meantime I am exclusively pumping. I'm finding that I am only able to produce 2 ounces at a time from both breasts and this is after spending 30 minutes on each breast. I am pumping every 2-2 1/2 hours, but I don't think my breasts are well, refilling for lack of better terminology. They are sore but don't really feel heavy and seem soft most of the time. It's really frustrating I don't want to have to supplement formula but I'm afraid that my supply may diminish. I am seeing a lactation consultant so she can probably help but until my appointment does anyone have any advice or tips?? I'm a first time mom and really appreciate it. 

Re: Exclusively Pumping!!

  • Don't worry about the number of oz. your LO is so teeny tiny that she doesn't need to each much each time. If she's still acting hungry after eating the 2 oz, then it may not be enough. newborns tend to graze instead of eating a bunch of big meals like adults or even kids
  • Congrats on your new baby! Being that she is less than two weeks old, as pp said, she really won't need a whole lot of milk to make her full; also your supply is still regulating. As long as she is giving out enough wet and dirty diapers don't stress too much! (Stress is bad for milk supply) your breasts are going to feel soft for the most part unless you go for a long stretch of time without feeding/pumping (like 4+ hours)

    unless your pedi is concerned about any weight loss don't worry about that just yet either. Babies lose in their first week and start to gain back in the second.

    as for pumping output, you don't need to pump longer than about 15-20 minutes, just enough to keep going five minutes after your breasts are emptied to signal to your body to up the production. Save your boobs the pain and cut down on those lengthy pumping sessions! Out of curiosity, have you tried hand expressing your breast milk? After a pumping session if I feel like I didn't get a whole lot or if my breasts still feel heavy I can usually get at least another ounce out with hand expression. 

    Also, maintain plenty of skin on skin contact with LO every chance you get and look at pictures of your LO (or look at your baby if in the same room) while you pump. These will help up your supply. Remember that it's recommended that nursing moms also drink an extra 8 oz of water on top of the usually recommended 8 glasses. I try to keep a water bottle nearby when I pump to remind myself that the extra hydration is needed.

    kellymom.com is a great website that is the mother load of breast feeding information, and it has a LOT of information for moms who pump (and the hand expression I mentioned above)!
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  • Drink lots of water!
  • @SmallyMcSmall thank you! I love Kelly Mom. You hit right along the lines of everything I have been thinking. one consultant told me I should be producing twice as much  to double pump at each session :| and I was just like huh how? I've been trying to stay hydrated, fed, and getting some rest as I know all have an effect. I used hand expression until my milk came in and really dropped off, might need to give that a try! Thank you thank you for all the great tips and reminders!  :):):)
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