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Yelling/screaming Baby

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Anyone else's little one been "yelling" lots lately? He doesn't appear to be in pain, more or less just yelling to be loud and heard I think? Please tell me this is a phase!!

Re: Yelling/screaming Baby

  • I don't know if it's the same thing but I've noticed my DD will get loud when I'm talking on the phone or talking to someone else in the room. I think she just wants to be part of the conversation.
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  • Yes! LO has been yelling a ton lately
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  • Oh yes!!  DD loves the sound of her own voice (aka scream).  
  • Mine too!
  • Mine screams all the time too! He likes to play peek a boo with the curtains and he screams so loud. Its so funny, my husband and I laugh so hard.

  • So glad I am not alone! Thanks ladies
  • Yesterday I Facetimed L from my conference. He did a inhaling/screaming thing. Like squeaked because he was to excited to breath first. Then he proceeded to do his happy screams. It was absolutely adorable.

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  • Mine shrieks when she's happy or excited. It's hilarious. My DH gave her an empty pop bottle yesterday and she sat on the floor and looked at it and shrieked for a good 15 mn
  • The past week that has been his THANG. He has been making all kinds of other strange noises too, so he's in some experimental phase with his voice I guess haha
  • Yes ds has been doing this lately too. Its like hes testing the sound of his voice or almost howling idk lol it must be the age!
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