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Pregnancy workout suggestions??

Hi ladies I want learn how to exercise for pregnancy. I would love to find a Yoga, Pilates, or a good old fashioned work out video. That will be beneficial to me and the baby I'am 6 weeks almost 7 weeks along. There is tons of videos all over amazon and ive read may reviews I was just hoping one of you ladies had a favorite??

Re: Pregnancy workout suggestions??

  • If you're already active, there's not much need to change your routine. I personally didn't do yoga/workout videos. I just kept myself active outdoors. Walks every other day, swam laps when I didn't feel like walking, took some classes at the local ymca and my 24 hour fitness. Plus I was still ice skating/teaching my classes.

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  • I did this one throughout my pregnancy. I thought that it was challenging enough, but was still able to continue doing it almost right up until delivery. I liked it because it includes pelvic floor excecises, which are always good to do in pregnancy. I could also really feel the leg exercises working, but I still felt safe doing them even with all of the relaxin and weird joint stuff that starts to come into play towards the end of pregnancy. 

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  • AmandaKessAmandaKess member
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    Mine is Autumn Calabrese's pregnancy workout program by Beachbody! 

    It gives me so much more energy, and has made my back pain so much more manageable. 

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